Getting Your Older Child Ready For A New Sibling

Two be or not to be’ is quite a common question, not only for a mother, but also for the entire family, after your first child. Bringing home a second child is not the same as the first time. Going through another pregnancy means a lot of physical and emotional changes for a mother. Along with other factors, which affect your decision of a second child, an important thing to consider is the mental ability of your first child to accept and adjust with a sibling.

Generally, all kids like small babies, but you never know how your child will react when he/she comes to know that the small bundle of joy is gonna stay with them forever. So, before welcoming a new member in the family, as a parent, you need to prepare your elder child for his/her sibling, to ensure an amicable relationship between the two.

So, let us take a look at a few tips and tricks to get your child ready for a warm welcome for his/her brother or sister.

The Big Announcement.

The first time you tell them is a special moment. You can also gauge their reaction through this. So, make it special or try to coincide with a special occasion like Santa will send them a friend to play around Christmas or they will meet someone next Halloween.

During Pregnancy.

This is time, when you can involve your child. Take them for hospital visits to show them ultrasound or make them hear the baby’s heartbeat. Tell them how to care for you and their small brother/sister inside you. Tell them in short and sweet sentences what might happen if you get hurt. You can also take them for sibling prep classes to nearby hospitals.

Talk About Sharing The Space.

This is one big concern for parents as your child might not be ready to give up the space, which entirely belonged to them till now.  Show them how they can divide the space or how it is their responsibility to make their younger brother or sister comfortable in the room. This also helps to inculcate the habit of sharing resources and helping people.

Help Them In Preparing.

Encourage them to welcome the newest member in their own way. May be they want  to decorate the room, or gift something on the first day or prepare a speech, a card or anything they want to do from their heart. Do not say NO, just keep an eye on what they are doing. This way they will not leave left out of this excitement and they feel they also equally important.

Show Them Examples.

This is one of the best ways to prepare tour child. Show them other siblings or share stories on how they can play together, study together and do a lot of other things. Show  them pictures of your own fun time with your siblings. Tell them how others care for their siblings and how they can also do the same.

You need to mould your child’s mind well in time so that he/she is able to understand that they will no longer be the youngest in the family and they also have the responsibility of caring for their siblings. To be true, a caring younger brother or sister in the house is a huge relief and help for parents, especially the mother.

However, in this process, do not ignore your first child, because if they start feeling neglected, it will hamper their growth and mental health. Teach them to become friends with their sibling. You need to constantly re-assure them that you will still love them, and that their younger brother/sister needs their love too.