Gift Ideas For A First Birthday

First birthdays are always special. And, if you are on the guest list, then you will really have to pick your brains to find the apt gift for the little bundle of joy, who is turning one. Although the gifting choices are aplenty, the gift has to be unique and memorable. There are all kinds of choices – learning toys, or some kind of moving toy that will keep them engaged for hours.

Despite the many options available out there, guests end up buying the same things. Retailers also stock limited things, and recommend the same kinds of toys for children of the same age. However, if you are looking for ‘unique’ gifting ideas, check out our list!


If you are choosing toys, then you can go for squeeze blocks or sit and stand walker, or something that has lots of lights and sounds. Avoid remote controlled toys as they are too complex for a bay who has just turned one. You can choose wooden toys instead of plastic ones, if you don’t want to risk the baby accidentally ingesting toxic chemicals.

Personalized Gifts:

This is one of the best type of gifting now-a-days. If you know the measurements, you can gift personalized clothing. Or you can opt for a personalized towel set, or photo frames, etc. Today, almost everything can be customized with names, images or favourite animated movie characters.


This is also a nice gifting idea. You can go for board books like ‘touch and feel books’ or story books with big and colourful illustrations, which are easy for the child to interpret. You can opt for scrap book or yearbook, which will help the family to record the milestones or you can make one for them with pictures and moments.

Outdoor Fun Stuff:

Outdoor fun stuff includes a play tent or a doll house. You can also gift a swimming pool set-up or similar things, which the entire family can use outdoors and enjoy.

Gift Cards:

If you are still thinking about the right gift, you can give gift cards from baby stores or toy shops, which the family can use to buy whatever they want. No, it doesn’t look awkward because it is better for them to buy something useful rather than you gifting something useless. If you are family, then saving bonds is also a good ideas, which they can use later.

Though, first gifts are precious, if is often seen that they perish equally fast. This is because a one year old is too small to take  care of things. They might probably break it or try to pull it apart. So, you might want to give something, which stays forever like a photo frame, or year book, etc.

Whatever you are planning to give, do not gift something overly expensive, a toddler is destructive, and a broken toy is just money wasted. Opt for wood or other materials that are durable. Your gift is an important thing, but what’s more important is your blessing, good wishes and love.