Giving Your Kids More Freedom As They Get Older

When your kids are young, you tend to protect them from everything, do their work or make things easy for them. But, as they start growing, you need to gradually let go of them, so that they can make independent decisions and become ready for their own life ahead. As they grow, they understand and analyze things better, they want to make choices and decisions, they want to try out new things and learn from mistakes. They want to get freedom, but sometimes they don’t know how to handle it. So, you need to guide them and make them use their freedom in the right way at the right time.

For your child to become a self-sufficient individual, you need to know when to give them what degree of freedom. If you always tell them to stop doing something, they will not learn the right way of doing something. So, start giving them the right amount of freedom at the right age, so that they can build on their self-confidence and judgement skills. This also helps to build self-control and other virtues of life, which they imbibe for their journey ahead.

Make Your Own Decision:

You will know when your child is ready for a certain amount of freedom or responsibility. Do not be too early or too late. Make a decision based on their age, understanding ability and of course their maturity. Do not do it just because others are doing or no one has done it till now. You are wise enough to take this decision for your child.

Talk To Them:

First, talk to them about life, freedom and responsibilities. Figure out what they expect at their age. Ask them how they feel about the people around them, how they influence them. Make sure you get both your expectations right.

Prepare Them:

Tell them what a new responsibility or freedom means. What are they expected to do and what can be the good or bad consequences. Ask them what it means to them and how they want to use it effectively.

Show Them Examples:

Show them examples from family and friends, both who have utilized freedom well and those who didn’t, so that they can learn from real life examples. This way they can also differentiate between right and wrong. You also need to act responsibly and exhibit how well you can handle freedom.

Keep A Watch On Them:

Once you have decided to give them a degree of freedom, do not just leave them to be on their own. Rather, keep a watch on them on how they are able to handle it, whether they are responsible enough.

Giving freedom does not mean allowing them to do whatever they like. It is more about doing things that they should at their respective age. So, involve them in simple decision making, ask them for their suggestions and make them feel as an important member of the family. But, as a parent, you know better where to draw the line between freedom and ignorance.