Having ‘The Talk’ With Your Kids

As your child starts growing, you want to teach a lot of different things to them. You want to make them ready for facing life and its challenges. One of the most important phases of parenthood is when you decide to have ‘the talk’ with your child. Earlier, parents hardly used to discuss such things with their children. It was considered almost a taboo. But, with changing times and human behavior, it is very important to have ‘the talk’ with your child at the right age to make them understand about sex, puberty and related things. It is better, if this education starts at home from you, rather than them finding it out in the wrong way from other sources.

You are the best person to decide, when to start having ‘the talk’ with your child, depending on their age, maturity and the environment, they are a part of. You might find it embarrassing in the beginning, but it is very essential.

Some Simple Tips Are Pointed Below, When You Want To Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Baby:

Start Early:

Do not delay talking about these things. Talk to them before it is too late and you regret not having this conversation earlier. Make a plan or list out things on how you to start or approach them. Be confident, when you speak and have a friendly conversation rather than a teaching session.

Go By Their Age:

Everyone doesn’t need to know everything. So, talk in phases according to your child’s ability to understand. Do not tell them everything in one go. Tell them precisely what they need to know at their particular age. Do not make it a one-sided conversation; let them ask questions to clear their doubts.

Define In Simple Terms:

Explain to them in a language they understand. You can start with human anatomy, private parts, reproductive systems, etc. Do not make it too complex; rather talk with examples, illustrations or videos.

Talk About Their Rights:

Talk to them about their sexual rights, about good and bad touch. Ask them if they have faced any problems and make them comfortable to open up in front of you. They need to understand what is wrong, and when to report in case of any violation.

Do Not Hide:

Do not give them the half truth. Explain to them fully. Do not shy away from discussing the details, when you have started a topic. Incomplete information might not be helpful at all. As a parent, you know how your child understands things, so use it as a tool to explain the entire things.

Don’t be apprehensive, just because you talk about sex does not mean they would want to experience it too, but, they should be aware of what is right and what is wrong. Teenage is a very vulnerable time, but a well informed teenager would not risk silly mistakes, especially if they are aware of the consequences. You can set the limits for them, but they will only obey, when they understand the big picture.