Help Your Child To Deal With Failure Effectively

As your children grow up they gradually learn about different virtues of life. They start learning from mistakes, they start understanding good from evil, and about feelings and emotions such as happiness, sorrow, joy, excitement and pain. As a parent, you have to become their support as they look up to you for the life lessons. You also try your best to make them understand life in the simplest of manners. But, some things need to be learnt the hard way. You will be the best person to help your child deal with the negative emotions of life.

You might have noticed that it is very easy for kids to interpret happiness, joy and excitement, whereas it is doubly difficult for them to cope up with failure, sorrow and pain. The idea of failure takes a lot of time to sink in. This happens because we probably teach them to avoid it rather than facing and coping with it. Or, we tend to take the burden on ourselves, rather than helping them.

Some Simple Ways To Help Your Child Deal With Failure Are As Follows:

Let Them Face:

Do not always be the shield for your child, let them face certain situations. Do not be their saviour, rather guide them when they need help. Always safeguarding your child from the negatives of life lets them take everything for granted and they are not ready to try and learn.

Set Their Expectations:

Help them set their expectations, according to their abilities. This way they will be able to deal with failure effectively. They will set their goals, according to where they know they can reach. Too high expectations make the pain of failure too acute and difficult to bear. Do not stop them from dreaming, but let them know their limitations, strengths and weaknesses too.

Set An Example:

Always ‘walk the talk’ in front of your children. Show them that you also do what you teach them. They always look up to you for things in life. So, show them how to deal with failure. Do not sulk and blame everybody else for your failure, rather show them how to learn from mistakes, overcome failure and move ahead.

Don’t Overpraise:

Do not praise our child in everything they do. If you do not correct them now, they will tend to think that whatever they are doing is right and they can win anyways. You need to point out if they are doing wrong and teach them the right way to do something. This way, if they fail, they will not blame others, but will know what they did wrong and how to improve.

Teach Them Self-Control:

Tell them it’s okay to fail. Teach them to wait for results and rewards. This helps them to develop self-control and patience, which in turn helps to them to accept and deal with failure. They understand the fact that they cannot excel in everything.

You need to teach them about the healthy aspect of competition before they can learn about failure. You need to let them face the challenges, deal with failure and move ahead with an increased determination and self-confidence.