How Can Mother Plan To Go Back To Work Guilt Free

A mother is always in a dilemma, whether and when to get back to work after childbirth. Even, if she has decided to join back her professional career against all odds, there are speculations on whether she will be able to manage home and work effectively. At this stage, a lot goes through the mind of a mother on whether her decision of getting back was correct and is she guilty of not spending time and taking care of her child.

But, if you have to ‘really’ get back to work and you know when, do not let the guilt cloud your mind. Rather, you can concentrate on how to make the time pleasant for the baby, when you are away and how you can manage work, without hindrance to your responsibility of a mother.

Here Are A Few Tips And Tricks To Manage Both Work And Home And Get Rid Of The Guilt In You:

Decide Who Takes Care Of The Baby:

Before you decide on the joining date, decide who will take care of your baby. Whether you want to keep a nanny or you opt for a day care or there is a family member, who can take care of your child. Also, check whether your baby is ready to stay alone and how safe it is to leave your baby with someone. You can also check options where your spouse can baby sit, while you work and vice versa.

Keep Necessary Arrangements:

Before your joining time, make sure you have made all arrangements for the baby to stay without you. Starting from milk, baby food, clothes, medicines, etc. If you are keeping a baby-sitter, install security cameras, wherever necessary. Make sure you give your contact number to the contact person. Ensure you give her proper instructions. You can also ask her for a demo for a couple of days to check how the baby comfortable the baby is. If you are pumping milk, make sure you leave necessary stock.

Decide On How To Handle Emergencies:

Keep all important phone numbers in plain sight and also keep all contact with you. Check how will you handle emergencies. Think if you can take up work nearby so that attend to your baby as soon as possible. Keep hospital and doctor’s contact handy too.

Talk To Your Employer:

Talk to your employers about shifts or flexible timings or even working from home for certain days of the week. You can also check for a crèche or day care nearby so that you can visit to keep a check on them. Talk to your employer about travels outside and how you want to avoid them.

Connecting With Your Child:

The emotional connect between a mother and a child matters the most in this relationship. So, if your baby understands, then talk to them about it, explain to them in simple words. Otherwise, spend as much time as possible on weekends, do not bring office work home till the time they are infant. Your child will surely miss you, but the warmth, love and care after you home back is very important for them. Ask your spouse to fill in when you are not there. Do not let your professional life spoil the mother-child relationship with unwanted stress and tension.

Your child is the most precious thing for you, and it is definitely painful to leave your little one in someone else’s hand and go. But, since getting back to profession life is equally important, you need to stop reminding yourself that you have done something wrong. There will be many advices and comments for you, but you know that what you are doing is nothing wrong. Make sure you keep the above pointers in mind and head to the office. Once you come back home, your child will be waiting with open arms and a smiling face always, to embrace you and free you of any guilt.