How To Deal When You Don’t Like Your Child’s Friends

After family, a child’s friends are the greatest influence on their lives. Kids spend a lot of time with their friends- not only playing, but communicating, sharing, watching and imbibing their qualities. Like other things, you also need to keep a check on your child’s friend circle. Though, they are also children of your kid’s age, but they can also be both good and bad influences. There will be friends, who will always support your kid and stay by their side. However, there will be friends, who will conspire or talk behind their back or only be friendly with your child if they have an agenda.

Your child might be too young to differentiate between good and bad friends or they might have not been able to judge and ignored the true difference. In this case, you need to intervene if you feel that a particular friend is a bad influence on your child. However, you need to be totally sure before confronting your child as friends are very dear to them. You cannot just scold and instruct them to stop being friends. So, what do you do?

Check Out These Ways On How You Can Deal With Such A Situation.

Discuss With Your Child:

Keep the channels of communication open. Rather than criticizing or offending, talk to them about their friend. Ask them what they see in their friends or why he/she is so important in her life. If you try to do it by force, your child might just stop telling you about it and continue that friendship.

Investigate Thoroughly:

Before confronting your child about a particular friend, get to know about the person, his/her family background, their parents and other necessary information. This will help you to know the person better and build your case. You might be wrong about the person or will be able to gather evidence if you are right.

Encourage Them To Meet At Home:

If you have provisions in the house, make arrangements for your kid to meet with their friends at home. Arrange for a video game evening and snacks or something else, which they will enjoy. Talk to your child about it before inviting his/her friends over. This way you keep an eye on them and see how they interact. Make your house the hangout place for them.

Take Them Out:

You can also plan an outing with them like a day trip or a short vacation. This will also help you to know them better. Also, it is a positive influence when you can get your teen and their friends out of the room and away from gadgets.

Speak Out When You Know The Problem:

If you are totally sure that one of their friends is not at all good, then you need to discuss and speak to them about it. Show them examples or proof about them and the reason why you think, he/she is not the right friend for your child.

Though, as a parent, you need not be too interfering in your child’s friend circle. However, you need to draw the line when you know someone is a wrong influence on your child or using your child in the wrong way. This is something that you will be doing for your child and you have every right to do it. Deal with it in a sensible way rather than applying force.