How To Get Pregnant? Know The Tricks Of The Trade!

If you thought that this topic does not need your attention because obviously, even a ten year old these days would know how that happens and it’s silly to be reading up about it, think again! As easy and accessible sexuality has become these days, conceiving as soon as you want to is getting more difficult with time. Innumerable couples fail at conceiving within a year of frequent, unprotected sex and our lifestyles are to be blamed for this. If you are planning to have a baby soon, these are some of the things that you could try doing instead of smirking at the title of the article.


A number of factors can affect ovulation for e.g. Stress, increased work load, excessive exercise, etc. Predicting an ovulation can be difficult especially if you have had irregular cycles. There are a few ways in which you can predict ovulation if you haven’t had luck with unprotected sex to begin with:

  • The Calendar Method

Mark Day 1 of your period on the calendar. Ovulation happens on and around Day 14, so look for similar patterns that help you understand the time.

  • Cervical Mucous

Changes in the consistency of your cervical mucus1 will also help to understand the time. When the discharge looks like raw egg whites that is when you should be doing the deed.

  • Ovulation Kit

Most women swear by the efficacy of this method. These kits are highly efficient at detecting the time of ovulation if all the instructions on the leaflet are followed methodically.

What Should You Do Next? 

  • Have sex!

The first and the foremost requirement to have babies is to have frequent and unprotected sex at least two to three times a week so that you might as well hit one fertile period and get the sperm and egg to meet.

  • A Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle choices are your own to make and you can always be sure of having a healthy pregnancy if you are active and eat healthy way before you conceive. This kind of pre-pregnancy care really helps in the longer run. Walking regularly, eating healthy, sleeping well and keeping yourself hydrated are essential factors.

  • Quit Addictions

Smoking and drinking on a regular basis can lower your chances of a normal conception. Try quitting these as early as possible. These addictions can also hinder your child’s development while in the womb and even after you deliver.

  • Try Taking It Slow

The thought of a baby harping on your mind all the time can be strenuous. Try and relax while having sex and keep the discussion out of the way. Stress has been found to have an effect on conception so instead of worrying too much about it, just lead a normal conjugal life and keep the ovulation kit at hand.

If it has been more than a year that you have been planning like this or if you are aged over 40, do consult a doctor to rule out health issues. It is most likely that you will conceive normally but there is no harm in keeping a back up!