How To Help Your Children Learn From Their Mistakes

Failure isn’t sweet and many have a difficult time digesting its sour taste. As adults, we have a tough time accepting our mistakes and accepting failure. But, kids should be able to learn easily from their mistakes in their growing and developing years so that they are better equipped to handle situations and failure later in life. So, it is very important for parents to help their kids so that they can learn from their mistakes.

Sometimes, kids get so drawn into competition and influenced by factors like parent’s aspiration and peer pressure, that they take failure as an ultimate end. Some even go on to take drastic steps. However, they need to understand that at this stage, failure or mistakes are just opportunities for learning. The more they learn from mistakes, the more determined and confident they become to face the challenges of life and succeed.

These are a few simple yet effective steps to help your child learn from their own mistakes and move ahead in life:

Assure Them That They Need Not Be Perfect.

Parents want their child to be the best, but sometimes, they get obsessed with the rat race, that they forget their child’s abilities and outlook. So, tell them that they need not be perfect in everything. It is okay to fail and mistakes only make them stronger than what they were.

Encourage Them To Take Responsibility For Their Mistakes.

Keep them away from the blame game from an early stage. Because, once they get used to putting their mistakes on others, they will never be able to succeed in their own lives. They should own up their mistakes and tell you the truth. Your compassion will become their biggest support and motivation.

Praise Their Efforts, Rather Than The End:

Teach them to focus on the journey as well along with the goal. Sometimes, goals might not be met, but the journey becomes a great teacher. Appreciate their efforts in trying to reach that goal. This way they will be able to achieve their dreams one step at a time and will be willing to try the next time.

Show Them How To Apologize If Their Mistakes Have Hurt Others.

Mistakes can hurt others.  And, kids need to understand that everything can’t be forgiven and forgotten. So, mentor them to apologize if their actions have hurt someone else in a bad way. This way they become compassionate and learn to respect others and their problems too.

Let Them Make Mistakes, Do Not ‘do’ Everything For Them.

Finally and most importantly, let them make mistakes, do not be the rescuer always. See what they do right and what they do wrong. Discuss and tell them what mistakes they did and how they can correct them. Listen to them and provide advice or suggestions appropriately. Show them that mistakes can have their good side too, the learnings.

Learning from mistakes is not accepting failure. It is just giving yourself another opportunity to try in a better way. So, encourage your child to take decisions, when the time is right and do not compare their success or failure with others. Every child is different with different capabilities. So, let them face life in their own way. You can be their guide, but do not walk the path for them.