How To Make Your Child Eat Healthy And Right

A healthy diet is very important for the right growth and development of your child in the early years. Eating healthy food is important, both for their physical growth and mental development. Generally, kids have an aversion for fruits and vegetables, which are the source of major nutrition for the body. Almost, every mother has to deal with a fussy eater and that kids are not getting the right nutrition is a major concern for most of the parents.

Green vegetables and fruits are the major source of vitamins. Apart from this, cereals, fish, meat products are also required for the right amount of protein. Dairy products are essential for calcium. Like this, a lot of healthy ingredients need to be included in your child’s diet to ensure their growth, build their immune system, and make them strong, fit and fine.

Here Are A Few Suggestions On How To Make Your Child Eat The Right Food:

Follow A Timetable:

Have a set timetable for the meals of the day. Insist that they start eating by that time. It is necessary to make them sit and eat their food. Be persistent and make them finish the food, however small the portion may be. Do not force them to eat, rather encourage them to eat on their own and finish whatever they like.

Make Food Interesting:

Sometimes, kids don’t like food because they think it is boring. So, let’s make interesting for them. Make things colourful, tell them a story or relate it to a character or things they like.

Introduce One Thing At A Time:

Do not try to give all such food in one go, such that your child develops a dislike for all of them. So, add one thing at a time to their diet and see which ones they like. Then, give a break before bringing back those things back into their diet. Mix such food with the ones they like or make a different recipe of the things they don’t like.

Get The Kids Involved:

Get your kids involved in the process of making food for them. Like take their help in making a sandwich or making some fireless cooking. When they get involved, they understand the importance and will start liking what they made.

Set An Example:

You also need to eat healthy and right to set an example for them. Avoid junk and oily food, so that your kid also doesn’t get addicted to them too. They will follow what they see elders doing or eating. So, refrain from eating high fat food, at least in front of them.

You need to think about ways to make your child eat healthy food in the right proportions. It might not happen in a day, but you have to keep trying. Do not stop your efforts of making your child eat the right food, because if you give up, it can be detrimental for your baby’s health and development. As said earlier, every parent has to deal with the fussy eater phase, and so will you.