How To Stay Connected With Your Spouse After Childbirth

A woman undergoes a lot of physical and emotional changes after she becomes a mother. A new life, new set of responsibilities, new challenges and new learning keeps a new mom busy. Past studies have shown that around 90% of parents have reported disconnect in their relationship after a child is born. The main reason behind this is probably the change of focus. But, to ensure healthy parenting for your child, a healthy relationship with your spouse matters a lot.

There should be an urge and attempt to overcome the disconnect from both the sides. If you start ignoring the requirements of a married relationship and prioritize your child all the time, it might take a toll on your bonding with your spouse in the long run. It might lead to dire consequences like disinterest, indifference, extra-marital affairs, separation or divorce.

Right after you have the baby, your spouse does understand that your child needs you first. But, you also need to understand that your spouse also needs your love and care. So, here are a few simple things you can do, to revive your relationship with your spouse.

Hire a Babysitter:

Spending time with each other is one of the most important things to stay connected with your spouse. So, you can do that by hiring a baby sitter for your infant or toddler, so that you get to spend time with your spouse either at home or outside.

Go On a Date:

The charm of your relationship might have faded away with time, so revive it by planning a date with your spouse. Do it like you used to do before your became parents. Go to your favourite restaurant or coffee place to revive old memories.

Start With The Old Routine:

After a break, get back to things you two loved doing together or for each other. For example, if you used to cook for him, get back to it. Or go for shopping together or watch a movie. Plan a candle light dinner or buy something for him or plan a small get-together or simply spend time on the couch. Anything, that reminds both of you about the times you enjoyed.

Revive Your Sex Life:

Your sex life gets a set back after your child is born. Do not feel shy to get things back on track. When your physical health is fine, woo your man and enjoy those moments of passion. A healthy sex life is a great impact on a relationship.

Involve Him In Parenting:

Engage your spouse in parenting. Then, you will be able to spend time together and understand each other better. Let him do some of the baby’s work. This also helps to strengthen the father-child bonding as well.

During pregnancy also, partners need to be close to each other for the care and support. Not only women, men also need to make an effort to re-build the relationship if there is any growing disconnect. Perhaps, communication is the best way to deal with this. Talk, discuss, interact as much as you can and your amicable relationship will surely help you both become great parents.