How To Stay Fit In Pregnancy

Staying fit in pregnancy should be one of your priorities because it helps you in avoiding excessive weight gain, disorders like Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, varicose veins and chances of a caesarean section. While you do need to gain weight to support the pregnancy, there is no need to lose your muscle tone. Staying flexible and toned can also help to avoid the aches and pains that commonly accompany a pregnancy. Moreover, when the little bundle of joy arrives, you will have a tough time bouncing him/her up and down to ease colic pains, if you are not fit enough.

Here Are A Few Ways In Which You Can Keep Yourself Fit During Pregnancy:

1. Swimming

Swimming is the most relaxing form of exercise in which almost all your muscles are being worked out. Swimming in pregnancy is considered quite safe and comfortable because even while carrying so much of weight, your body feels practically weightless in water. Walking might not feel comfortable all through but swimming will. Make sure you have a heavy breakfast before diving in so that you don’t feel hungry in the midst of those amazing laps.

2. Walking

Brisk walking is one form of exercise that you can do even on the last day of your pregnancy and continue to do while you are in labour to facilitate and speed up the process. Walking keeps you from developing those nagging backaches that will come to haunt you if you are sitting down or lying down for longer stretches of time. What you need is a good pair of walking shoes, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated while sweating it out.

3. Eating Right

You do not need to eat for two people or for three and more if you are having multiples. You will need the right balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and fluids to feel fit and energetic in pregnancy. Avoiding empty calories and stocking up on nutrient-dense food will avoid the sluggishness and lethargy. Adding green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits will add all the nutrition naturally that you have been looking for in fortified food.

4. Keep The Weight Monitored

Remember to check your weight on a digital scale every month if you have a normal pregnancy and every 2 weeks if your pregnancy is high-risk and if you were obese to start with. Your prenatal appointments will have you covered on this but if they are spaced out more than 3 weeks, you can do it at home. Accordingly, plan your diet and try to keep your weight gain to the point that your doctor has advised.

5. Think Positive And Stay Motivated

Whether you choose to do Pilates1, indoor cycling, strength training, yoga, aerobics, swimming or pelvic floor exercises, the first thing to start with is to think positive. That makes a big difference. Keep yourself motivated by watching online videos about pregnancy fitness and look at yourself with appreciation each morning. Your body is the strongest it can ever be at this point and you should feel proud of it and yourself!