How To Tell Your Family The Good News

Now that you have told your husband the good news, how will you announce this to your immediate family? The news of a baby is extremely special for grandparents and other family members, especially if this is the first addition to the family. Making this announcement special is bound to create several happy memories that will bring the family together to celebrate this beautiful cause. How can you make it memorable for those who matter?

1. Send A Card

A lot of feelings can be conveyed by sending cards to your near and dear ones. Pick a card that announces the pregnancy in a fun way like something that says, “It’s time to acquire your diaper changing skills!” DIY cards1 are the best. You can customise the cards as you want them to look like and write the exact messages that would make this announcement extra special.

2. Get Printed Tees

“World’s Best Grandpa” and “World’s Best Granny” are some of the captions that you can get printed on basic tees and gift your parents of your in-laws as soon as you are ready to make the announcement. They will feel overwhelmed at the news and the very thought of tiny little babies calling them out very soon. You can get these tees personalised as per your needs and these are readily available in a lot of shops these days because of their growing popularity.

3. Buy Board Books

Get a few copies of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and send them to your family members with a note that says, ‘Gear up to read this a thousand times over!’ Remember to buy board books so that they know this is for a baby and not for them to read!

4. Get Your Older Child To Make The Announcement

An older baby can always be the perfect recipe to make special announcements even more precious. Make him/her wear a captioned tee or set up a smaller desk and chair beside hers in the nursery the day you call your family home. If they still wonder what you are up to, you can always get your older kid to say that he/she is going to be a big brother/sister very soon.

Should You Seek Their Help?

You can never have enough helping hands with a newborn to care for. We are not meant to raise children in isolation and it literally requires an entire village to raise a baby. If you have given this a second thought, you can speak to your family members about their availability and plan out on who can share the responsibilities. This can happen after the announcement and it is most likely that family members would love to contribute their bit to the work if they are available.

How To Announce After A Loss?

If there has been a recent death in the family, you would want to wait to make the announcement so that it is taken in the right spirit. However, a baby os the way can always make things right so if people are settling down, you can tell them right away. If there are lukewarm responses to the news, try and give them some time to settle in before they can celebrate the happiness.