How Will You Mentally Prepare Yourself For Labor?

The key to having a comparatively easier labor and childbirth is to minimize your fear and trust your body to do the best. Among all other things like setting up the nursery, running errands before baby arrives, stacking the freezer for late night hunger pangs, mothers to be often forget to relax and mentally prepare themselves for labor. It is all in the mind they say and that is absolutely true. Preparation begins from the mind and then reaches the body. Only when you can completely relax and have confidence in what you are doing, a natural childbirth sans pain medications and medical interventions is possible.

Know How To Prepare Yourself:

Childbirth Classes

There are natural childbirth classes that follow the guidelines of Lamaze1, Bradley and hypnobirthing techniques to educate you about labor that comes in handy. You are taught methods to relax, let go stress and trust your body’s ability to deliver your baby. Breathing techniques are taught to manage pain in a more efficient way and birthing positions are shown that make labor bearable without medicines. These birthing classes equip women with enough information to make informed choices regarding childbirth and this In turn helps them prepare mentally for things to come.

Prenatal Yoga

It is all about knowing the right breathing techniques. This helps immensely with preparing yourself for labor while being effective at the same time. When you know how and when to breathe in and out and when to apply pressure to deliver the baby, you will naturally avoid second and third degree tears and episiotomies. Expecting mothers are mostly tired and need their bodies to feel lighter and more flexible. Pregnancy aches and pains do nothing to help them. Prenatal yoga can help them relax and get rid of the nagging pains while preparing them to be mentally and physically fit for labor.

Reading Natural Birth Stories

Reading in pregnancy is of great help and especially if you are reading natural birth stories. They will empower you, educate you and prepare you mentally to experience labor in its true form. When the anxiety is got rid of, the pain is easier and tolerable. The build-up of apprehension around birth is what makes labor seem so frightening but successful birth stories will encourage you to dispel your fears and look forward to labor.

Hiring A Doula

A doula or a midwife can prove to be a boon if you are looking for mental preparation. Not only will she help you in preparing your birth plan but also be a constant companion in your pregnancy. It is very important to communicate with a person whom you can confide in and a doula will serve the purpose very well. She will help to allay your fears regarding labor and birth and will also assist you in developing a positive attitude towards pregnancy.

It does not require much to feel positive about labor. As mentioned earlier, it’s all in the mind and if you learn to deal with negative feelings, labor is bound to be manageable an childbirth a beautiful experience for you.