How Will You Plan A Healthy Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is unpredictable but you can always ensure that you are doing your part right by following what your health practitioner suggests and taking all the necessary measures. If you plan out your food, exercise, work and chores well in advance, there is every possibility that you will have a healthy pregnancy along. So how will you plan for one?

Here A Few Tips You Could Follow:

  • Listen To Your Doctor

After getting your blood work done and getting your urine sample results, your doctor will be able to identify what you will need in this pregnancy. Listen to what the doctor has to say and closely follow his/her suggestions. If you have existing health conditions, you could start taking early measures to keep them managed so that there is no complication in pregnancy. He/she will also advise you a diet and a lifestyle as per your pregnancy needs.

  • Quit Smoking And Drinking

If you are planning for a baby, start with getting rid of your addictions. It takes time to settle down once you have quit so start early. If you need professional help, please resort to it so that you don’t fall a victim to the addictions again. Smoking and drinking could cause irreparable damage to the fetus and quitting these is of utmost priority.

  • Working Out

Pregnancy hormones are responsible for the list of pains that seem to cripple us in pregnancy but if fitness is one of your life goals, your pregnancy would be rather smooth and easier. Whether you choose to walk, run, strength train, or do yoga, always remember to keep yourself moving and motivated.

  • Eat Healthy

Your diet is an essential factor that affects your pregnancy in several ways. In consultation with your doctor, have a diet that is rich in protein, iron and vitamins to help provide your body with enough nutrition to support the pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, eating healthy should start now! Always remember to include leafy greens with citrus fruits to help your body absorb the iron more efficiently and lay down the iron stores that both you and your baby will need very soon.

  • Folic Acid

One cannot stress on the importance of folic acid enough. It prevents neural tube defects in the fetus like spina bifida etc and should be started as early as when you begin to plan for the pregnancy. You can take fortified cereals or folic acid supplements as suggested by your doctor.

  • Healthy Weight

If you are obese to start with, try reducing your weight to the ideal standards as naturally as possible before you conceive. Our body weight has a direct co-relation with our menstrual cycles1 and excessive body weight may affect ovulation and delay conception. Even during pregnancy, you should always aim for a healthy weight gain. If you are underweight, try putting on weight by eating healthy fats and also enhance endurance by working out. Keep your weight monitored, before and after conception to ensure a healthy pregnancy.