Including The Daddy-To-Be In The Pregnancy

A pregnancy is not only significant for the mother but also a matter of unmatched joy for the daddy-to-be. Keeping him away and cocooned, while saying that dads cannot be as adept at parenting is not only inappropriate but also quite silly to do. A father can be as effective in helping out during pregnancy as the mother. How would you include the man in your life to assist you in the pregnancy and to gear up for the new arrival? Here are a few tips:

1. Talk A Lot About The Pregnancy

Include your partner in the pregnancy by talking a lot about it to him whenever you get some time together. Convey how your body is changing and how you have been feeling about it. If you have fears in your mind about him not feeling comfortable with your changing body, talk about it too. Your fears might prove to be unnecessary and even he would have a scope to convey what he feels and how he wants to do things to help you.

2. Ask For Help

Instead of being a control freak all the time, try and unwind by distributing and sharing the workload. If there are shopping trips to be made, you can take along your husband to do the heavy work while you relax in the shop and help him out with the decisions. This will come in handy when your baby arrives and you will be too busy to go out. Your husband would know exactly what to do.

3. Include Him In Prenatal Visits

Both husband and wife should be ideally present at every prenatal visit if possible. Including him in your doctor visits will help him understand the pregnancy better and assist you in having a safe and healthy pregnancy. You could also take him to birthing classes or prenatal exercise classes to help him learn the massaging techniques that are extremely effective in both labour and birth. He can also be an active participant in the classes to help you ease in.

4. Start Working On Your Health Together

A baby is not just your responsibility and you are not the only person who is entitled to staying fit. Include your husband in your exercise regime so that he starts gearing up health wise for the new addition to your family. Take him along on your walks so that both of you are always equally motivated on the path to good health. Set up meal plans together that are well-balanced so that both of you can manage to have healthy lifestyles that is essential in order to be better parents.

5. Include Him In Labour And Childbirth

Your doula as well you yourself can encourage your husband to be an active participant in labour. He can help you feel comfortable and positive by learning massaging techniques and using them to relieve you. He can also choose to clamp the cord1 himself after birth if the hospital authorities favour the practice and can deliver the placenta too if he wants to. This will immediately help him to bond with the baby after birth.