Is Morning Sickness Spoiling Your Mood? Try These Tips!

As controversial as the term is, morning sickness is not restricted to early mornings but continue to haunt pregnant women all day and night. There are some of those lucky few who never have morning sickness and this article is not for them. If you are woken up from bed by that strange queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that only seems to get better after you puke out, you must try these tips to feel better:

  • What’s That Smell?

If you are pregnant and find yourself asking this question way too often, blame the hormone estrogen for this menace. Your heightened sense of smell is closely related to your nausea and you would do well to stay away from strong odors and not only the unpleasant ones. Strong perfume smells, smell of raw garlic and onions, meat and fish can bring on a fresh bout of nausea. Try and keep these away and always carry a lemon wedge or a sprig of rosemary or lavender in your purse to keep that queasy feeling at bay.

  • Sip On Ginger Ale And Lemonade

Fruit infused drinks can keep morning sickness away. Slice lemons, strawberries, cucumbers etc in a fruit infuser and have the freshly infused water throughout the day. This will help you to stay hydrated even if you are still losing fluids by vomiting.

  • Crackers And Dry Cereal

Your mother, aunt and sister used to swear by crackers in pregnancy and you never quite understood the reason. Now that you are pregnant and need remedies for that nausea, trust the simplest of crackers to keep morning sickness away. A lot of women also find dry cereals helpful and you might as well get some nutrition down your throat before you throw up the next meal.

  • Small And Frequent Meals

You might have to give up on having three meals a day and switch to small and frequent meals all through the day to ease morning sickness. Nausea seems to strike when you are hungry and eating small portions can avoid bloating and that hunger to creep in.

  • Track Your Morning Sickness

After the first week of annoying nausea, you might be able to track the time it strikes. Maintaining a diary to track your nausea will come in handy and you always gear up beforehand with a lemon slice or an orange peel to prevent the vomiting.

  • Don’t Drink During Meal Times

Drinking too much water during meals can only worsen your morning sickness. Reflux might add to all your troubles so try drinking water at other times but always remember to stay hydrated.

If you feel that you seem to be throwing up all day and are not being able to keep down fluids, you should call a doctor right away. There are chances of urinary tract infection and dehydration if you tend to lose a lot of fluids during pregnancy and that might harm your growing fetus. As long as you can keep something down and feel stable, morning sickness is normal.