Make A Checklist Of Important Things When Searching A Day Care For Your Child

If you have decided to join back to work, after childbirth and there is no one else to take care of the baby, a day care is a good option for your baby. Though, it is a difficult thing to leave your baby in a stranger’s hand, day care centres across the world have come to every mother’s aid and will continue to do so.

Finding the right day care is a tedious task for parents, much like finding the right job. You need to check and review each and every aspect of a day care and satisfy yourself before leaving your bundle of joy alone there. Moreover, the bigger question is how the baby is able to adjust and settle there. Every day care promises for full care, safety and security, but as a parent you are always skeptical about it. So, take a look at these guidelines before deciding on the right day care for your baby.

Your Requirements:

Primarily, your priorities are important while choosing a day care. Check whether you want something close to your workplace or you want to go for a reputed one even if it is far. How long your baby will spend at the day care? Make a list of things you want to ask and check at the day care.

Your Background Research:

This is very important before you decide. There are a huge number of day care centers, which you need to scan so you can zero down on a few. Check for online views; ask experts or even your paediatrician. Go for recommendations from your friends and family.

Check For References:

Once you have zeroed down on a few, check the references. Talk to other moms, whose babies are already there or who are contemplating about putting their babies there. Check if the centre has all necessary approvals and accreditations.

Personal Visit:

Then, when you have two or three in mind, visit each shortlisted day care personally and make sure you check all the details in your checklist. Talk to the staff and also see how they are interacting with babies there. Ask them to show you. Check for facilities like washrooms, toys, play area, cleanliness and others.

Demo Session:

Finally, take your baby along with you to one or two of them and see their reaction. How comfortable they are or how the staff is interacting with them. You might want to run a mock session to pretend that you are leaving and check how your baby behaves when alone, how they are communicating with other babies. Basically, if they are able to understand and settle into that environment.

Even after all the scrutiny, the day care centre might not be as nice as you thought or it can be a great place for your child. So, keep a check on your baby’s reaction and visit the day care from time to time. Do not ignore any of your baby’s cues when he/she comes back from the day care.

If your baby is happy spending time at the day care, you can be assured that he/she must love the social environment there.