Make Chores Exciting By Selecting The Right One For Your Child

As adults, we might not like out daily, mundane chores very much, but we can make it exciting for our kids by making chores a fun activity. Making your child do age specific chores is a good way of developing many of their life skills. It is a good way to prepare them for the future and understand work and family values.

Getting children to work is not easy. They won’t do it if you simply tell them to do it. You have to think about fun ways to get them to do that task. Choosing the right chore(s), according to their age is important so they can do it well. Different chores help to build their analytical abilities, motor skills, concentration, self confidence and learning attitude.

Some Of The Age Appropriate Chores Can Be As Follows:

2 to 4 Years:

Kids and help you in dusting, put their own toys or books in their respective places, putting napkins on the table, feed your pet or put the clothes in the laundry hamper. They can also water the plants or fold simple clothes or put waste in the dustbin. These can be done with easy instructions and there are lesser chances of getting hurt. These simple tasks help to improve motor skills and they start learning about their own work, tidiness and cleanliness.

4 to 7 Years:

Around this age, kids can help you with other chores like making the bed, setting up tables, putting groceries away. This is the time when they should do things under your supervision and learn to do them independently within a period of time. This might also include helping dad washing the car or checking the mailbox, etc. This is the age by when they just start understanding responsibilities and helping family members in household work.

8 to 10 Years:

Now, they are ready for bigger responsibilities like putting the plates in the dishwasher, helping you make food, tidying their own room, helping you in the garden, operating the vacuum, etc. Many kids also learn to take care of their sibling. However, it is very important that all this is supervised. You cannot leave your child with sharp objects or let them handle glass or fire on their own. You cannot leave your older child with your baby all alone. You can instruct, but silently keep a watch on what they are doing. At this age, they can also involve themselves in community services to learn caring and sharing.

11 Years And Older:

By this age, along with the above works, they can learn to make their own food like juices or sandwiches, mow the lawn, shovel the snow, and operate the washing machine or dishwasher. Again, it is to be noted that kids are not to be left alone with any electrical appliances to be operated on their own. You will be there all the time for help and assistance. At this age, it is also a good idea to teach your child the basics of finances so that they can help you with the shopping. This also helps them to understand savings and you can reward them with small amounts of money, which they can save for something of their own. But, do keep a watch on what they are doing with the money.

These are just a basic list of age appropriate chores; there can be many more according to the understanding level of the child and your household requirement. It is important how you delegate the chores to them and how you react to their performance. Praise and reward them in small ways, if they have done something good. Do not scold or de-motivate them if they are not able to do something. Help them understand where their mistake is and how can they improve. As a parent, you are the best judge on what to delegate when, so think wisely before making a choice.

Children need to understand that there are certain things that need to do on their own on a daily basis, which is good for their health and wellbeing, so get them into the habit. Don’t try to make them perfect, rather be consistent that they do it however they can.

The key is to choose the right chores and make it fun.