Make Rainy Day Fun And Exciting With These Cool Craft Ideas

Rainy season can be boring as kids are not able to go out and play. But, it can be made fun and exciting indoors too with activities and games. You can make rainy days interesting by involving your child in art and crafts. Kids love to work with colours, papers and colourful things, so they will enjoy these activities and stay engaged. Many schools also make kids do rainy day crafts to make them understand the essence of the season. If you also involve yourself in such activities, your kid will love and enjoy it.

Rainy day crafts can be things related to the rains, water or anything that makes a kid understand and learn things about the season. Apart from fun, crafts should also be a good learning activity for the child. Let’s check out a few of these cool craft ideas.

Water Colour Painting:

Rains are all about water and what better way to let your kids use water colour to paint a picture. You can either give them a rainy day picture to colour or let them draw and paint one of their own. You can also give them small umbrellas or paper cups to paint with water colour.

Water Conservation:

This is an interesting craft, where you can use a chart paper to show how rains are formed and where the rain water goes, how plants and animals are affected by rains, why rains are important and how to conserve rain water, etc. This is a good way to make your kids learn about Nature and how to use and save water effectively.

Rainy Day Accessories:

This is a very popular craft, where you can make rainy day accessories with your child like umbrella cutouts, clouds with cotton, rain drops with blue paper, etc. You can make a story on the paper or simply list out things associated with a rainy day.

Rainy Day Greetings:

This is again another popular craft, where kids make greeting cards related to rain like umbrella shaped or rain coat shaped, or boat shaped, and write small and simple messages inside to gift their friends and family. This is easy to do and the kids will surely love to exchange cards they made for each other.

Rainy Season Festivals:

This is an activity, where kids can learn about rainy season in different countries and its significance. They can make cutouts of different festivals in this season from across the globe or how is is celebrated. This way they learn about world cultures to expand their knowledge base.

Please ensure that you help your child in doing these crafts and do not leave them alone with sharp objects like scissors or pins. If you eagerly participate in these activities, your child will also be interested. You can also encourage them to display their crafts in the class or you can show them later to friends and family. Do not forget to appreciate and applaud your child’s efforts and praise their dedication.