Newborn Wardrobe Essentials That You Should Buy Today

With more brands realising that cashing in on the sentiments of an expectant mother is profitable, newborn essentials have emerged to be one of the biggest markets ever. From rompers to sleeps suits to onesies and more; everything is either colour co-ordinated or accessorised. It is every easy to fall into the emotional trap of a cute little onesie staring at you in a shop full of adorable baby clothes. Anybody who has had a baby recently will tell you that newborns don’t need fancy stuff but what they need are essentials and here is a checklist to follow before you step out to hunt for your newborn’s wardrobe fillers:

  • Rompers:

Newborns need warmth and what better way to give them that than covering them up in soft, colourful rompers? According to the weather conditions, you can choose to buy cotton or woollen rompers. Ensure that they do not cover the tiny little hands of the baby because recent research suggests that wearing mitten-like things could hinder motor skills. You will need at least 10 rompers till the next growth spurt.

  • Body Suits:

These look like vests and have enveloped necks. They come in handy if there is a light wind blowing outside and you need an extra layer of clothing under the rompers. These can also be worn on their own if it’s warm and sunny outside. Eight to ten bodysuits will be enough for the first 4-6 months.

  • Winter Wear:

If you are having a winter baby, you will need to stock up on winter clothes well in advance. When it comes to babies, layering helps because the layers of clothes trap warm air inside and help keep the baby warm. Get a couple of thermal vests to be worn over a half-sleeved body suit, fleece jackets or woollen jackets according to the temperature, and socks if you plan to go out. Always remember to check if the baby is getting too hot and layering comes in handy here as well as you can always take one layer off as and when required.

You can also buy caps for your newborn to protect them from the wind outside. Buy both cotton and woollen caps to be used according to weather conditions.

  • Cotton Tees:

If you live in warmer climes, cotton tees will be required by the dozens. You should never let a newborn sweat too much so remember to buy at least 6-8 cotton tees that would last for the first 5-6 months.

  • Towels And Muslin Squares:

From wrapping the baby to wiping it down, soft towels are a must-have for a newborn. Get 4-5 towels that have a soft texture and are hooded. Muslin squares will always be needed for one thing or the other. Buy 15-20 for the initial months. You could also make your own muslin squares if you are not too keen on buying.

Since every baby is different, so are the needs. As you bring your baby home, you will eventually find out what are your baby’s wardrobe essentials.