Planning A Party For The Boys? 5 Unique Party Games You Can Include

Like girls, boys also love having loads of fun at parties with party games. They would prefer more of outdoor games, which involve a lot of running around, jumping or physical activity. So, when you are planning party games for boys, make sure you keep these in mind. Party games for boys can be made slightly different from girls, because they will not like games, which are very easy to play or involves a lot of time indoors.

Here Are A Few Unique Party Game Ideas, Which Boys Will Love To Play.

Scavenger Hunt:

This is an old game, but still kids love to play. You can hide little things like super hero dolls or anything and give them clues. The one, who finds the most of the items wins the game. You can also make it big with an extensive treasure hunt, where teams can be given clues and obstacles to cross to reach for the items.

Hit The Piñata:

You can have a piñata hang low and then blindfold the boys. Give them a stick and ask them to hit the piñata. It is sheer fun how the kids miss or go the wrong way. Always make sure everybody is cheering for them and standing far away from the blindfolded boys swinging bats.

Bubble Wrap Race:

Get a huge bubble wrap and wrap it around each of the boys. Then make them race on a track. For this you have to be extra careful that no one gets hurt or the bubble wrap is not too tight. Take necessary precautions beforehand.

Balloon Burst:

This is a fun game. You can give them one balloon each to keep in the air, while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever touches the balloon or it falls on the ground will have to pop it and do he challenge written inside. Keep the challenges simple like to lick their elbow or to sing with a mouthful of crackers, etc. This game is fun and engages both participants and onlookers.

Obstacle Race:

This involves physical activity and resources too So, you can arrange for a bike or cycle race in a field with obstacles to cross. Keep them simple so that not one gets hurt and almost everyone is able to do it.

If you are planning games outdoors, always make sure of their safety. It is advisable to keep a first aid box ready in case of any emergency. Make the instructions simple and easy to follow.

With a little bit of planning, creativity and preparation, you can make your boy’s party fun and exciting with amazing party games, which people will both love to play and watch. You can keep small prizes for races.

Also, don’t forget to click loads of pictures as memories, which you can show to your son later. You can also send a few to his friends or make a collage or photo album. You can create and innovate games on your own to make your son’s party memorable and full of fun and frolic.