Pregnancy And The Surprising Beauty Benefits It Brings Along

If you thought pregnancy was all about aching backs and swollen feet, think again! There are beauty benefits of pregnancy that are as natural as things can be. You might have heard a couple of compliments on your way back and wondered where they came from. Thank your pregnancy hormones! Apart from the usual glow and rosiness that people associate pregnancy with, there are a number of beauty benefits that pregnancy comes along with. Here are a few:

1. Voluminous Hair

You might have noticed that your hairbrush looks cleaner these days and you have a proud, thick mane to sport. This might come as a surprise since you have hardly had the time to indulge in beauty treatments. This is one of the surprises of pregnancy. The heightened estrogen levels in pregnancy stimulate your hair follicles that result in thicker, shinier and beautiful looking hair. Grow your hair and enjoy the compliments that come along.

2. That Glow

People keep asking you if there is good news you would want to share with them but how on earth do they know? Well, your rosy glow gives them evidence enough to know that you are pregnant. Pregnancy glow is for real and not just a figure of speech. Your blood production and circulation is heightened, there is more blood flow to your face and your skin naturally glows, that would otherwise need skin brighteners and highlighters.

3. Curvier Body

If you have been skinny all your life, it’s time to enjoy and flaunt your newly acquired curves. Pregnancy hormones often lead to bigger cup sizes and curvier bottoms and you might as well love your new body. Instead of hiding your curves under hideous maternity gowns, flaunt them in tees and tops that accentuate them and make you look prettier.

4. Say Not To Brittle Nails

You have never been able to file your nails without breaking them midway because your nails have been brittle all your life. Thanks to pregnancy hormones, you now have stronger and prettier nails that you could style and shape as per your will. If you have been waiting for ages to try that new nail art you have seen on Facebook, it’s time to hit the store and buy it. Your nails will be perfectly ready to get painted and designed without chipping or breaking.

5. That Pout!

What all women do to get a pretty pout and flaunt fuller lips? What if you had to do nothing but get pregnant? Yes, pregnancy is known to make your lips go fuller because of the number of hormones at work. All you have got to do it buy a flattering lip colour and gloss to enhance that pout and look gorgeous in all the pregnant selfies you take.

These signs and symptoms are not universal but happen to most women. If you haven’t experienced these, it is absolutely normal and there are women who have a tough time dealing with skin problems in pregnancy. Even if that glow does not come to you, you will always look beautiful, no matter what.