Should My Baby Be Sleeping In My Room?

This is a debate that every new parent fights with the rest of the world. There are a thousand reasons to not let the baby sleep in the same room as that of the parents and a thousand other to encourage co-sleeping. If you want to follow the normal and biological cues that we are born with, you will most definitely want to co-sleep with your baby. Co-sleeping or bed-sharing has its own share of benefits that cannot be undermined. It is often developmentally helpful for the baby because proximity to the mother makes it feel safe in its natural habitat that it has been in for 9 whole months.

Let Us Take A Look At The Benefits Of Your Baby Sleeping In Your Room:

1. Helping With Nighttime Separation Anxiety

Most newborns face nighttime anxiety and it disrupts sleep in a number of ways. Sleeping in the same room and even the same bad as that of its parents helps the baby to adjust to new surroundings in a more efficient manner. It is normal for a baby to be quite unsettled in the initial days and that is worsened by sleeping in a different room. Disturbed sleep cycles often lead to cranky babies in the day.

2. Soothing A Colicky Baby Is Easier

Sleeping in the same room makes it easier for parents to soothe and calm a colicky baby. Colic is common in babies in the first three months and it can get quite difficult for the parents to keep going back to a different room to soothe the baby and put it back to sleep. Babies often need to be held upright and burped frequently at night. All this is possible if you share your room or your bed with your baby.

3. Breastfeeding

Newborns and babies nursed on demand need to nurse frequently at night and this is made possible only if you co-sleep. Nursing at night helps deal with growth spurts, teething, colic and newborn anxiety. It also helps to keep up the milk supply that might suffer if you make your baby sleep in a different room. Waking up frequently at night to nurse is a normal developmental phase and should not be frowned upon. 

4. Avoiding CIO

You do not need to practice CIO1 if you plan to co-sleep with your baby because babies naturally tend to feel more secure and go back to sleep without much trouble if they are in close proximity to its parents. It has also been seen that co-sleeping babies cry lesser and that means you are mostly well rested and less guilty.

Precautions To Be Taken: 

  • Always ensure that the baby’s face is away from pillows or cushions to avoid SIDS.
  • Do not swaddle the baby at night and always avoid heavy blankets.
  • Avoid cot bumpers as they can suffocate a newborn who does not have head control.
  • Keep away all soft toys or suffocation hazards away for safe co-sleeping.

If the precautions are taken care of, there is no reason why your baby cannot sleep In your own room right from day 1!