Should You Find Out Your Baby’s Gender?

Among the many delights of pregnancy, there is something about the gender of the baby that is an exciting moment to look forward to at birth. While in some countries it is illegal to convey the gender of the child to the parents, in some others, it is legally practiced but the question is, “Why would you want to know the gender of your unborn child?”

While this article will focus on why you don’t need to know the gender, there are some reasons for parents to want to know. Listed below are some of them:

  • The Name:

Deciding the name of the child is one of the most important decisions to take during pregnancy. While some prefer to wait till delivery, most others plan on a couple of names to be prepared. A lot of parents want to know the gender at the 20 week ultrasound so that they can finalise the name accordingly. However, with the rise in popularity of gender neutral names, this may no longer be a reason.

  • The Nursery:

If you are the type who believes in colour co-ordinating everything as per the gender of the child, and you are probably spending a fortune on the nursery1, you might want to know whether the walls need a blue or a pink colour coat.

  • Clothes:

Those who prefer blue for boys and pink for girls would look forward to the 20-week ultrasound so that they can buy clothes well in advance and of the right colours. Buying the appropriate type is not a concern these days with unisex baby clothing doing the rounds.

Now let us come to why you shouldn’t find out the gender:

  • Stereotyping:

You have probably made an announcement that you are having a baby girl and to your disappointment, your baby shower is an overdose of pink and purple. You might not necessarily want your girl to be swathed in pink as much as you wouldn’t want your boy to only wear blue. Gender stereotyping is for real and you could keep this at bay.

  • Not Excited Enough:

The excitement at birth, the looking forward to the moment of truth is an incredible feeling that knowing the gender beforehand could dampen. Making an announcement after your baby is born is so much more real and heart-felt.

  • Focus On The Ultrasound:

Parents, in their rush to know the gender of the baby, forget to focus on the ultrasound that has a real purpose. It is meant to check the wellness of the baby, the womb, and the organs of the baby among other things. Parents might also forget to ask significant questions regarding the pregnancy.

With unisex newborn clothes, colour matching according to gender being looked down upon and with finding out the gender being a tricky job because it completely depends upon the position of the baby; finding out the gender is overrated and absolutely necessary. However, it completely depends on the sentiments of the parents and they alone can take the final call.