Should You Treat Your Son And Daughter Differently?

Though we talk about gender equality, the inequality is so evident in every strata of the society. But, for a mother, a son or a daughter makes no difference. She will undoubtedly love both of them equally. But, still we see that there is a disparity in the raising of a son and a daughter in many families. It can be due to the crippled mentality of the society and its age-old beliefs, or sometimes a personal choice too.

Children are innocent, so before you differentiate, you need to understand that nothing wrong with them, but possibly wrong with YOU. So, you need to change your outlook before you want to change them. Why you choose to differentiate between your children is a debatable issue and varies from person to person, but what damage it can do is universal.

Here Are The Simple 5 Reasons, Why Being Partial To Your Children Is Not A Good Thing:

Increasing Sibling Incompatibility:

If you differentiate, then there can be increasing adjustment issues among your children. They will always feel in a competition and might end up quarrelling or bad mouthing each other. This might affect them both physically and mentally.  

It Might Make One And Break The Other:

When you favour one over the other, it might build his/her self confidence and act as a motivation, while it can have damaging effects on the other. They start feeling unimportant and neglected. This can make them resort to negative things in life. Breaking their confidence and well being at a young age can be quite harmful for their life ahead.

It Imparts The Wrong Values:

The partiality also imparts the wrong values in them. When they see their parents differentiating, they feel that it is okay to do this and they might practice the same values later in their lives. This can lead to gender inequality or dominance to be taken in the wrong way.

It Disrupts The Family Environment:

This type of differentiation can contaminate the environment of a house. There is always a kind of tension or stress in the family. For a proper upbringing of the children in their growing and developing years, a healthy family environment is very important. But, this kind of values creates a barrier between family members and disrupts their well-being. 

It Reflects In Their Behaviour:

When you treat them differently at home, it shows in their behaviour outside. They think it is fine to demean the other with either words or action. They repeat the same thing when they are out and it doesn’t give others a good impression about them. They start doing this, not only to their sibling, but probably to others too.

While, there are certain things, which you need to teach your son and daughter, separately, there is no reason to differentiate in terms of life values, their dreams and their road ahead. You need to nurture their different personalities, encourage them to follow their dreams and support them in their decisions. Under the right guidance, both will make you proud and both will excel in their choice of field.