Things To Consider While Deciding On Whether You Should Go Back To Work

As a mother, you always want to be close to your child, especially in the initial years of growth and development. So, after becoming a mother, one of the major decisions that you need to make is whether to go back to work. Leaving your professional career or taking a break for motherhood is a big decision, but going back to it is a bigger one. On the one hand, you do not want to leave your infant alone, yet on the other, you start missing your independent professional life and want to resume soon.

The decision as to when you should resume your career or whether at all you want to get back is a big turmoil for every woman, who had been working before childbirth. However, many women decide to completely leave their career behind and choose to be a full time mother, whereas others want to go back to work or do something from home. In both the cases, the decision should be one of the mother and no one should judge her for that. She knows what is best for her baby and will decide accordingly. Some of the factors that you need to consider before you decide on getting back to work:

Consider Your Health:

Your health undergoes a lot of changes after childbirth. So, consider your health condition and accordingly decide about getting back to work. The work pressure along with that of being a new mom can take a toll on your health. So, give yourself a considerable amount of time to recover before you go back to your hectic work schedule.

Your Priorities:

List your priorities before deciding. Your baby’s care is of utmost importance. So, decide whether you are okay with your baby being in the day care or you have someone in the family, who can take care. Do you have a nanny or a crèche at work, where you can take care of your baby?

Consider Other Options:

You can also consider other work options like working from home or extend your leave without pay. This way you will be able to work as well as stay close to your baby. There are a lot of options now-a-days for working from home. Look for opportunities in your choice of field or interest.

Your Job Demand:

One very important thing to consider is how hectic your job is or whether you will be able to handle the stress of a job along with the responsibilities of your baby. Assess your working hours and whether or not you need to travel. Will you be able to attend to your baby in an emergency? It is important to consider the location and the demand of your job.

Your Financial Situation:

This is also an important factor. Assess if the financial condition of your family requires you to get back to work. As a new member comes into the family, expenses increase. So, think whether your spouse alone will be able to support the family or you want to help him in this responsibility. Think about any immediate expenses or loans that needs to be taken care of and you need money for your household. Else, you might want to take a break and get back to work after a while.

Going back to work is your personal decision. Make your decision considering both internal and external factors and you will be able to balance both your professional and personal lives.