Tips And Tricks To Make Cooking With Your Child Fun And Exciting

Kids love to watch their moms (and occasionally dads too) cooking in the kitchen. They are quite inquisitive about how the tasty food they eat is made. Though, kids are mostly not allowed to go near the fire or electric appliances, but sometimes, cooking along with your kids can be a really fun activity for both of you.

Though, it might be a bit messy and will test your patience, you will love the way kids look at cooking – quite different from the usual boring way. And, you will be surprised at what these tiny hands can make which as adults we might find tough to do. Cooking with your kids can be fun, as long as you take extra care about the safety of your child.

Let us take a look at a few tips and tricks, which might come handy, when you are trying out a new recipe with your little one in the kitchen.

Start With The Basics:

Start with talking to them about cooking, different ingredients, the techniques of cooking and how the different appliances work. Select a basic recipe and teach them where to start, how to hold things, about proportions, tasting and judgements. Get them their own aprons to start with. Or, you can start by taking them as helpers in your cooking, before they actually start on their own. You can also do some basic preparation before they start. Choose recipes, according to their age and ability.

Have Patience:

You need to understand that your child is trying his/her hand at cooking for the first time. So, give ample amount of time, don’t think that they can do things as fast as you. Do not discourage or de-motivate. Also, expect a lot of mess as kids will do and redo things several times.

Stress On Cleanliness:

While cooking, also teach them about cleanliness as people will eat this food. Ask them to wash their hands, wash utensils and vegetables properly before use. Also, they should clean up after cooking and not leave behind a messy kitchen. Stress on using clean napkins, wipe hands clean before touching and tasting food.

Make It Fun:

Do not show disinterest while you are cooking with your kid. Make it fun and exciting by letting them suggest ideas and doing things differently. Make sure they are enjoying what they are doing. Tell them patiently if they are doing something wrong, but keep theirs and your spirits high. Use colourful things, which are healthy yet fun to cook with.

Stay Alert:

Be alert and attentive, while using the stove or appliances. Do not let them handle fire right way, you do it on their behalf. Also, be careful with sharp objects like knives, etc. Tell them how dangerous these things can be and assist them while they use it. Likewise be careful with glass vessels, oven and mixers. Always be with them, when they are near such objects.

Cooking with kids can be a good learning activity for them. They learn about different ingredients and utensils, cleanliness, the importance of food and your efforts. They understand why they should not waste food. This can also be helpful as an extracurricular activity or project work in school.

After a time, you might even be able to sit back, relax, and let your child handle your cooking responsibilities for a day.