Tips To Help You Recover From A C-Section Delivery

A normal or a cesarean delivery is a big decision in a new mom’s life. Though, there is nothing wrong about any of them, as it only depends on circumstances, a mother’s health or baby’s position, many women have their apprehensions about C-section delivery. Now-a-days, C-section delivery is done with local anesthesia and is quite popular. There can be various reasons, why your doctor might recommend cesarean delivery for you, like diabetes, pre-mature delivery, position of the baby, endurance of pain, obesity and others.

The surgical process is simple and the recovery is even simpler. Many feel that the scar of the cut never heals or the area of local anesthesia is painful or recovery takes a lot of time. But, not all of it is true. Recovery time might vary from person to person, but proper care and attention can help you to recover from C-section in no time.

Here Are A Few Of The Tips To Cure The Scar And Recover From C-section:

  • For several hours after the surgery, you will still have no sensation in the lower abdomen due to the epidural.
  • Once, the effect is over, you will be encouraged to move out of the bed (probably the next day) and move around. Though, you had a major surgery, the movement will only facilitate the healing.
  • Next, your catheter gets removed. However, you will still have a sanitary pad on for the bleeding. This can stay for a few days to several weeks depending on your condition. The doctor checks your stitches and recommends pain killers if required.
  • On discharge, the incision is covered with a plastic strip, which you can remove after a day or two. You can even take a bath and the dissolvable stitches will go away on their own.
  • However, you will need to check if there is any swelling, itching or bleeding. If yes, you need to consult the doctor immediately. Do not press or poke the area, rather just softly place your fingers to check the status.
  • Avoid bending and other heavy work like lifting, driving or jumping for at least a month. You can resume slow walking and moving around after two weeks. Do not put a lot of pressure on the area.
  • Softly wipe with a cloth to dry after a bath. Do not rub or scratch. Avoid soaps or lotion for some time. Rather, you can ask the doctor for any ointment. Certain oils like BioOil can be administered on the area later (check with the doctor before applying anything on the area) to gradually get rid of the scar.
  • After around 4 to 6 weeks, you are back to your normal routine. Avoid certain excessive or heavy exercises, but resume walking or yoga. All this will help speed up your C-section recovery.

When we talk about recovery, we not only mean physical recovery, but also emotional recovery. It is time to get rid of your dilemmas about C-section and let it heal in its own time. In the meanwhile, you can get busy with the little bundle of joy in your life. Please remember to take proper care of the area as prescribed by the doctor and consult him/her in case there is any uneasiness or discomfort.