Top 5 Food Items To Avoid During Pregnancy

People have been talking to you about what you should eat during pregnancy to support the needs of your body while nurturing a baby in your womb. While knowing them are important, there are foods that you should strictly avoid during pregnancy because they could harm your system as well as that of your baby’s. Know the top 5 foods that you should avoid having at any cost:

1. Certain Kinds Of Fish

It is best to avoid shellfish in pregnancy because oysters, mussels, clams are carriers of several sea-borne illnesses and cooking them will not guarantee complete protection against all infections. Additionally, fish that contain mercury in higher amounts should also be avoided because consuming mercury during pregnancy can affect the developing brain of the baby and cause developmental delays in future. Mackerel, swordfish, shark contain high levels of mercury. Whatever kind of fish you choose to have apart from the above-mentioned ones, remember to have it well-cooked and fresh.

2. Raw Or Undercooked Eggs

Raw, undercooked and uncooked eggs tend to contain traces of salmonella bacteria that could cause severe stomach infection that will ultimately harm your baby. Excessive vomiting and diarrhoea may occur that often leads to dehydration in pregnant women. Always avoid having mousse, poached eggs, runny yolks, soft-boiled eggs, salad dressings that contain raw eggs and desserts that use uncooked eggs.

3. Raw Meat And Poultry

Raw meat and poultry can contain listeria1 bacteria that results in food poisoning and severe infection in pregnant women. Always avoid having meat in salads outside because it might be undercooked. To understand if the meat is cooked well enough, use a food thermometer to chech the temperature. Refrigerated meat and poultry should be heated up to 73 degree Celsius to be considered safe for consumption.

4. Unpasteurised Dairy Products

While it is essential for a pregnant woman to get three to four servings of dairy a day, it is also important to have pasteurised dairy products each and every time. Unpasteurised milk and cheese can be extremely harmful in pregnancy and can go up to the extent of causing miscarriages due to bacteria called Listeria. Soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, blue cheese and feta are often unpasteurised and harmful for both you and the baby.

5. Raw Sprouts

It is advised that everyone stays away from having raw sprouts, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. These sprouts include bean, radish, clover etc that are nutritious and safe to consume after cooking them thoroughly. It is very easy for these sprouts to be carriers for harmful bacteria and even after repeated washing, it refuses to go. Raw sprouts should never be added to your food if you are pregnant. Cooking them on high heat or adding them to curries etc, can kill the bacteria and make them safe for your consumption.

Whenever you eat something in pregnancy, remember to wash it well, cook it properly and check ingredients before having something outside. You will always need to ensure that you are eating right and healthy.