Top 5 Reasons Of Conflict Between A Couple After Baby Is Born

We have seen a lot of different reasons of conflict between married couple. Many are able to overcome the same and strengthen their relationship, whereas many fail to cope with it and separate. But, when a newborn comes into the house, new parent conflicts also come into the family. Couples start arguing over different issues, which might not have been there earlier.

A new baby is always a source of happiness and joy in a family; However, it is also a big responsibility for parents as they are the one closet to the child, especially the mother. So, a new responsibility brings in new challenges, and new conflicts with it. Since, it is a new experience; couples might have a tough time dealing with it.

Top 5 Reasons Which Can Make Couples Fight After A Baby Is Born Can Be:

Responsibility Issues:

Though, both of you love your child a lot, but sometimes, the responsibilities tend to burden one person, and this can be a major reason for conflict. It is assumed that the responsibilities of taking care of a baby are that of the mother, but it is not always true. So, parenting should be a shared responsibility, and equally shared by the couple.

Relationship Gap:

Amidst the added responsibility of a child, your married relationship gets a set back. So, you might not be able to spend a lot of time with your spouse, and a feeling of discontentment sets in. Spouse starts feeling that you are not spending enough time with him, and giving more importance to the baby. However, if your spouse also helps you in your work, then both of you will also spend time together.

Intimacy Issues:

When a baby is born, the intimacy between couples reduces because a lot of time goes to the baby. Moreover, the mother is still recovering physically and emotionally, so the sex life of couples also halts. So, give your relationship time, you can also go on date nights and get back to your relationship in a matured way.

Monetary Problems:

This is also a major reason for conflict between couples. A new addition in the family also means increased expenses. There are so many costs that get added. Though, your baby was your conscious decision, but may be your spouse is not able to cope up with the family pressure. So, rather than getting into conflicts regarding this, it is better to talk and discuss this with your spouse and support him in whatever way you can.

Handling Mood Swings:

Mood swings are one of the main side effects of parenthood, especially for a new mother. There is a lot, which goes on physically and emotionally, so it takes time to recover and stabilize. But, your spouse or relatives might not always be able to understand what you are going through. So, they might not be able to interpret your emotions and this gives rise to conflicts. Lack of communication can also be a reason. So, handle your emotions maturely, discuss with dear ones and take expert help, if required.

Though, these conflicts between a couples are inevitable, you need to keep aside your differences, when it comes to the well-being of your child. This innocent soul looks up to both of you, and need your love, care and warmth. So, try to spend as much time as possible with your baby- either together or individually, to strengthen the bond, which in turn will also nurture your relationship. A happy family doesn’t mean that it will not have differences, but it means that they are able to overcome the same and support each other.