Try Out These Ways Deal With Your Difficult Teenager

When you become a parent, you start a journey, where every new day is like a learning. As you start handling your infant and then a toddler, you feel it is the toughest job in the world. But, little did you know that the challenges seem to get bigger as time goes by, especially since you will be dealing with a teenager one day! This is one stage of a child’s development, where your child is transitioning to adulthood and they want to explore new things, handle new responsibilities, take risks and make big decisions.

A teenager can be confusing as well. On one hand, they want to prove their individuality, while on the other, they crave for acceptance. They want you to approve of them, yet they are not responsible enough to accept their mistakes and learn from them. This is also a time, when your child can be easily manipulated. They also get adamant about their choices and want to prove you wrong. So, they need to be handled with care so that they understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

5 Ways On Handling A Difficult Teenager:

  • Communicate Properly:

    Do not go into arguments, as this will lead to them being belligerent. Choose your words carefully that shows them both authority and compassion. Make communication more progressive rather than accusatory. Be assertive, yet show empathy.

  • Do Not Lose Your Authority:

    You need to make them understand if they are wrong. Do not give in to their demands to make things easy for you. There will be times when you need to be tough, assert yourself so that they know there are some limits they cannot cross.

  • Give Them A Chance:

    If they make a mistake for the first time, you need to correct them and give them one more chance to prove themselves. If you scold or ignore them the first time and never let them try again, then they might resort to secrecy, and that’s bad.

  • Understand Their Problem:

    Understanding their point of view is important. So, try to figure out the root cause before you confront your teenager or try to find a solution.

  • Show Them You Care:

    Your support and care is a big thing for them. They want to be loved, understood and given importance. So, you need to talk to them, listen to them, assure them and show them that you care. Your support will play a pivotal role, if they are choosing a bad company or a wrong way in their life.

As you try to handle your teenager, you also have to give them their space and understand their point of view as well. You need to listen to them, rather than getting into a power struggle. You can be their biggest friend or the greatest enemy. So, try to find ways in how you can help them in different situations, rather than blaming them for everything. You need to be strict, but at times you need to be their friend too, rather than an authoritative parent.