Try These Innovative Ways To Make Your Kid Eat Their Veggies

We are all aware about the usefulness of green vegetables and how it helps in the physical development of our children. Vegetables and fruits are one of the main components of a healthy diet, which is important for the growth and brain development in children. However, it is a common thing we notice that kids just don’t like their veggies. They become picky eaters, throw tantrums or dislike the taste of vegetables and fruits.

Every other mother is stressed about how to make their kiddos eat green vegetables. Here are a few simple tactics, which you can try out.

Get Innovative With Veggies:

Most of the times, we see that if vegetables are given in their raw form, kids do not like the taste. So, make it colourful or add little healthy spices or make foods out of vegetables, and your kid will like it. Do not tell them what the food is made of. Or you can also add a bit of bacon or a cup of chocolate sauce or something they like over the veggies so that the taste is masked for them.

Make Them a Part of Preparation:

Whenever kids do something on their own or get involved in something, they tend to get motivated and also learn different things. So, get them involved in making veggies. Whatever you are making, take their help. Make it sound interesting like a game, so that they are willing to participate.

Make It Fun To Eat:

Yes, this is one thing every mother has tried and it is effective too. Though the task is tedious and time-consuming, but it does pay off in the end. You can make a story out of veggies or characters you kid likes. Make food, fun for them to eat. However, it doesn’t have to be very creative every time. You can also simply make smiley faces or for example, a sandwich shaped like a car.

Follow The ‘one bite rule’:

You have to be persistent about feeding veggies to your child. It has been noticed that probably after 8 to 10 times of denying, they tend to accept one bite. If you make sure that this one bite goes in, eventually with time, they will start liking it. Keep telling them to accept one bite and judge if it is good or tell them they will grow like so-and-so if they eat veggies every day. Just don’t say that veggies are healthy, explain why they are so. With time and patience, your kid will surely get into a habit of eating veggies.

Don’t Force To Finish:

This is very important, though most of the parents tend to ignore it. We think there is always a designated amount of food that our kids should eat every day all the time for every meal. If you have given a bowl of salad, do not force your child to finish as this will increase their aversion towards this particular food. Let them eat, how much ever they want. Insist, but do not force.

Reward Good Behavior:

Appreciate and applaud, whenever they finish their food, especially fruits and vegetables. This makes them happy that they have done something good and gives the urge to do that again.

You need to be persistent in your attempts to feed your child green vegetables so that they get the necessary nutrition for their development in the growing years.