Understanding Your Emotional Health During Pregnancy

It is not for nothing that pregnancy is often hailed as an emotional roller-coaster ride. From feeling overjoyed at one moment to feeling claustrophobic in the next, pregnancy is all about a bundle of contradictions and it is quite normal to feel so. It is indeed a big milestone in life and there is practically nothing that could prepare you enough for this journey ahead. Communicating, reaching out for help and prioritizing things can help in feeling sorted.

What Are The General Complains?

Right from looking huge to not feeling too good about how forgetful you have recently become, there are truckloads of complains and more. It has been seen that most women feel upset by the hugeness of their bodies and the amount of embarrassment they feel when none of their clothes seem even near to fitting them. Others feel that their husbands have stopped appreciating them and that pushes them into a bottomless pit of anxiety and apprehension. There are women who are anxious about managing a tiny being along with work outside and inside while some others worry about the financial crunch when the baby arrives.

Is It Normal To Feel Apprehensive?

Yes of course! There are people who can smile through the toughest of times and then there are normal human beings prone to human feelings and it is perfectly normal to feel detached, scared and angry. A lot of women have been found to feel angry about their pregnancies which could stem from the inability to steer life as they had expected to initially. However, there are feelings that are not normal and could be hidden depression1 that should be brought to light. If you ever feel like harming yourself, your family members or your fetus, inform your doctor right away who would recommend you for counseling.

Stop Trying To Be A Control Freak

With a number of hormones playing hide and seek in your body, the last thing you need to do is load up on more work. It has been seen that distributing work in pregnancy helps you to unwind and feel good about the changes around you. Try and get family members involved in sharing your work or tending to an older child while you take cat naps or read a little. Flash cooking and freezing food on weekends can spare you the trouble of brainstorming on busy weekdays.


And now we come to the most important part of your emotional well-being- communication. It is very important to be in constant touch with your spouse. Convey to him how you feel about yourself and your body, discuss about your concerns, and plan future prospects so that these don’t weigh in on your mind when you are sitting idle.

Be Happy But Not Compulsorily

It is natural to feel happy once you have conceived but there is no compulsion that you must always feel so. Let not anybody make you feel otherwise. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and if you feel unprepared and not quite ready trust yourself to do the best and you will sail through this effortlessly.


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