What All To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Baby’s First Toys

Even before your child is born, you start storing stuff, which you feel your kid will like and enjoy- toys being the most important of them. Toys are an integral part of childhood and growing up. They come in different shapes, sizes, types, of different material, age groups and the list is endless. Different toys have their own significance for different people. What you liked as a child might not be appealing to your baby, yet you would probably keep it in stock because you have emotional and nostalgic values attached to it.

Not every kid likes the same toys. And, you never know what your child will like until and unless they start playing with it. As infants grow older, they are able to grasp, hold and feel things, and this is when they start liking or disliking something. At this tender age, they need toys, which are soft or without any sharp edges or colourful to look at. They would rather prefer smaller toys, instead of a huge teddy bear. Babies like toys, which moves and make sounds as it helps to stimulate and develop their senses.

Below, We Have Listed A Few Common Toys, Which Are Apt For Your Baby As Their First Playmate:


These serve a dual purpose of both being a toy and used by infants during teething. They are made with baby friendly material, which are not harmful. Generally, these are small toys, but not too small that babies can swallow. The common ones includes keys in a ring, water filled teethers, rattles, rings etc. However, you need to extra careful so that your baby doesn’t themselves with these.

Soft Toys:

Soft toys are very common, and kids love to hug and cuddle them, while playing or sleeping. However, you should avoid fury ones as babies put them in the mouth or they might get sneezing and allergies. Cloth toys, puppets or similar things are preferable. Ensure you clean them after your baby has played with them.

Play Gym:

This is a very interesting toy for infants. They can lie on their back and enjoy hanging toys from the top. Play gyms are soft and baby can also roll over. Though there are lesser chances of getting hurt, but you always need to keep an eye on them. Cot mobiles are also fun for kids, but probably only for sometime, when you are putting them to sleep.

Cloth Books:

These are picture books, which are soft to hold with no sharp edges. They have big, colourful, touch and feel images, which helps your baby to just look at them and touch to feel. These books can be used to teach them different elementary things when they grow up as well.

Moving Toys:

Toys that make sound and emit light are fun for kids because they can relate to sound and lights. So, you can get some of those moving toys for your baby, but keep them at a distance just for viewing. Make sure the sound is not too loud or it doesn’t go too near to the baby, Make sure someone is there to monitor always.

These toys are mostly till a certain age group and then, you can get your child, toys according to his/her liking or educative ones to teach them basic skills. Parents need to extra careful when handing over toys to their infants. They will always supervise when infants are playing with toys as they might poke their eyes or suddenly get scared. However, every kid will start liking one toy or the other, which gradually becomes their favourites