What Are The Best Books To Be Read In Pregnancy?

One of the best books that you could lay your hands on for understanding the whole concept of breastfeeding; this is a book that you would want to pass down through the generations. Breastfeeding is the most natural and normal way of nourishing your baby till he/she self-weans. In an age of speed and technology, the most natural ways are often forgotten and ignored. This book emphasizes on the significance of breastfeeding and contains a number of nursing advices, like favourable positions to nurse, success stories to motivate new mothers, preparing for breastfeeding during pregnancy, proper latching1 techniques etc. It also encourages an expectant mother to understand how breastfeeding is possible even after C-sections and the ways in which breastfeeding can be made comfortable after a surgery. The various questions that you might have had about breastfeeding will have answers in this book and that will help you prepare well for the beautiful journey ahead.

1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Why do my breasts feel sore? Why is my tummy itchy? What is this strange sensation in my legs after I wake up? You will have a hundred questions and more in pregnancy and you need to read a book that assures your well-being and warns you if you need medical assistance. What to expect when you’re expecting is a wonderful guide that will help you throughout your pregnancy by being your best companion. The real life stories and discussions that you will get to read here will make you feel more comfortable about facing new challenges as your pregnancy progresses. There are monthly, weekly and daily checklists for you to keep an eye on, effective techniques to deal with situations that may arise, methods to adopt in case of emergencies etc. This would be your go-to even if you are a second-time mother.

2. In a May’s Guide To Natural Childbirth

In this book, Ina May Gaskin, a popular midwife, will guide you on your way to an un-medicated and natural birth. This book will teach you to keep your mind and body in sync to be able to experience a pleasurable and intervention free birth. Our bodies are capable of birthing babies naturally, without resorting to pain medication. This book will reinforce this belief by taking out the unnecessary fear and anxiety of pain in labour and childbirth and make it as beautiful as you have always wanted it to be.

Apart from these three books, you could take up light reads, shorter ones preferably, so that the monotony can be broken. Reading is always beneficial and more so when you can learn new things from it for your baby to be.


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