What Should An Expecting Mum Be Wearing?

Gone are those days when the baby bump was supposed to be discreet and expecting mothers would hide it in ugly overalls and loose clothing. The trend today is to flaunt the growing belly while staying absolutely comfortable in your clothes. Maternity wear need not be ill-fitting and shapeless; with women celebrating pregnancy and the baby bump all over the world, maternity wear has evolved from grandma-like clothing to well-fitted and smart looking outfits that help you stay cool and comfortable throughout pregnancy.

What Should You Buy And Why? Here Is A Quick Checklist:

1. Supportive Bras:

For moms-to-be who are in their first and second trimesters, breast size is an issue that you might get a little frustrated with. As your body prepares for birth and breastfeeding, the breasts store additional amount of fatty tissues and you can expect your cup sizes to change very frequently. Your breasts will tend to feel sore and you will obviously need a supportive bra that keeps your breasts from sagging. Progesterone that releases in pregnancy tends to relax our muscles and this is the time when your breasts start sagging. You could try wearing sports bras that are quite comfortable tp even sleep in.

You can choose to get yourself checked by a fitting expert that is available at most lingerie outlets these days, so that you end up picking the right size. Underwired bras can offer good support but also tend to dig into the already sensitive skin in pregnancy.

2. Nursing Bras:

Top lingerie brands have come up with fancy looking nursing bras1 that you will not feel depressed to put on. They provide you maximum comfort, are mostly made of cotton, have convenient openings and closures for the baby to latch on perfectly while breastfeeding. These will be your best companions till you are comfortable enough to nurse in regular bras.

3. Maternity Denims:

If you thought being pregnant meant bidding farewell to denims for 9 months, think again! Maternity wear brands have the most comfortable denims on offer along with panels that help you to do away with buttons or zips and accommodate your growing belly without any discomfort.

4. Dresses:

There is nothing more comfortable that putting on an airy, light and pretty looking dress that lets you move around with ease all through pregnancy. Most women find dresses to be the most comfortable maternity wear.

5. Underpants:

For your information, maternity underpants can also look quite sexy, if you have been feeling low lately. Try and get 20-25 of these stocked up because you might need to change them frequently to feel at ease. They have wider and more comfortable bands to support your growing belly and are almost always made of 100%cotton for that extra comfort. There are bikinis to briefs to boy shorts styles and others to choose from if you happen to be a little more adventurous.

For maternity clothes, consider buying a few at a time instead of stocking up because you can never be sure of your size in the near future.


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