What To Expect On Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

Taking your child to the doctor or pediatrician can be quite a show. And, it might get worse, if you are going to the dentist or an ENT. Little children get more scared because they think, they will be pulled or poked at. This is nothing un-usual, we have all done it as kids, so expect your child to do the same. How your kid reacts might not be in your control, but how you handle the situation definitely is.

When To Take Your Child For The First Visit?

Generally, it is said that whenever your baby get their first tooth or within 6 months of it, you should visit the dentist. In case, there is any pain or bleeding before that, then you should visit the dentist sooner than later.

What Happens During The First Visit?

First visit is basically just a preliminary checkup and more like a familiarization process. Doctor just checks the health of the teeth and if there is any gum infection. He/She recommends proper oral care and type of toothpaste or toothbrush to be used. Generally, people choose to go to their family dentist for their child too. If your child is comfortable with them, then it is fine, but if not, then, you might want to shift to a kid-friendly doctor because the visit will increase in the future and you want someone, who are good with kids.

Take a note of a few of these Do’s and Don’ts when going for the first visit to the dentist with your child.

Prepare Your Child:

It is very important to talk to your child about the visit and why it is important. For infants and toddlers, you can do a role play at home as in asking them to open their mouth wide or tell them what actually happens. All this can reduce their fear or apathy for going to a doctor.

Give The Doctor A Medical History:

Inform your doctor about your child’s medical history. Though, everything might not be relevant, but it might help the doctor in their diagnosis and cure.

Check Your Kid’s Interaction With The Doctor:

Keep a check on the doctor’s interaction with your child. See how the doctor behaves with your child or their efforts to make your child comfortable. They usually use some toys, stories or sweet talk to pacify the child. Do not react immediately, give them some time before taking any decision. Do not scold your child if he/she is crying, they are just scared. So, talk to them, pacify them and bring them back, again later.

The End Notes:

This is also very important to get your child back for a visit, the next time. So, make sure they leave with pleasant memories, like a chocolate or sticker maybe or something else. Let the doctor tell them about good oral hygiene in their own way. Remind your kid about the good experience at home or when ever you are going next.

As the visits to the doctor will keep increasing for proper oral check-up, make sure the first interaction is as friendly and painless as possible. It is always advisable to talk to your child before and after the visit to make them comfortable and make them understand that it is just a routine.