When Should You Call The Doctor If You Have Failed To Conceive?

Did you know that a normal healthy couple is recommended to wait for a year and have frequent unprotected sex before they consult a doctor if they have failed to conceive? Yes, this is the general recommendation for young couples who plan to conceive but there are women and couples who have other issues like existing health conditions, maternal age, family history of miscarriages etc to consider. The recommended time frame for these couples is not a year but often reduced as per their condition. If you have wanted to know when to call a doctor if you have not yet conceived, read here for more information!

The American Association of Reproductive Medicine suggests that if a young and healthy couple has been having frequent and unprotected sex for a year and has still not conceived, they should get in touch with a doctor.

A Lot Of Couples Hesitate To Consult A Doctor Because Of Two Primary Reasons:

  • They are unaware of the time frame and feel it is normal to take more than a year to conceive.
  • If they are young, they feel that trying for longer would be a better idea than undergoing fertility treatments.

While it is alright to wait if you are young, visiting a doctor becomes essential in a few conditions like:

  • You have irregular cycles and are not aware of your ovulation period.
  • You have or have had PCOS that is one of the primary reasons for delayed conception and miscarriages today.
  • You have endometriosis1 that can unnecessarily delay your periods.
  • You have had miscarriages in the past.
  • You are 35 or 40 years old and are looking to get pregnant.
  • You have a family history of gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia
  • You have given birth to a premature baby and have had pre-term labor in the past.
  • You have Type 2 diabetes.

Any of the above-mentioned reasons might be the cause of your infertility and most couples who haven’t successfully conceived after a year, end up having healthy babies after consultation with an OBGYN and following the right methods.

What Should You Do?

After consulting a doctor, you will be asked to undergo basic fertility tests to diagnose the reason of infertility. After the diagnosis, appropriate fertility treatments will be recommended by the doctor. It is important to ask questions throughout so that you can always make an informed choice. Once the treatment is over and you have better chances at conception, do plan for a healthy pregnancy. If you still fail to conceive, speak to your doctor about failed treatments and how you could try some other mode of treatment. Fertility treatments can be quite expensive and if at any point in time, you feel that it is taking over your necessities try and discuss with your partner and come to a conclusion regarding this.

Whatever be the reason of your infertility, it is important to consult a doctor at the earliest so that treatment begins early.


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