Why And How You Need To Connect With Parents

While it is important for your kids to know, play and mingle with other kids, it is also important for you to connect and interact with other parents. Imagine you taking your kids to the park to play, and you end up sitting on a bench checking your phone or standing in a corner. Well, while some people wouldn’t mind doing that, but I guess you can better utilize the time for some networking, which if not always helpful, is not harmful either.

It is not that you will go around talking to every other parent in the park, but do try to strike a conversation with those having kids in around your child’s age or with whom your child play or probably those who are eager to connect with you.

Still Wondering Why You Need To Connect With Other Moms?

Here Are A Few Of The Simple Reasons:

Information Sharing:

Mothers are always looking for information pertaining to childcare, food, schools, motherhood and others. So, what better way to get first hand information than other fellow moms and dads.       

Problem Solving:

When you start communicating with other parents, you will realize that they also have similar problems like yours and you are not the only one. So, you can discuss problems, use their solutions and offer yours too.

Building your network:

Connecting with like-minded people helps to build your social network, where you can simply connect and share. It is like a stress-buster for you and others like you. It will be a platform to open your heart and share, seek help and feel loved and appreciated.

A Friend in Need:

Some parents, who meet and interact with can go on to become your closest friends and probably, a helping hand in need. You share more than an amicable relationship, it is like a bond for life and you can stand by and support each other.

Sharing common interest:

Once your parent network starts building, you will find fellow parents with common interest or hobbies. Hence, you can start planning or enjoying things together like a visit to a water park, or a drink at your favourite pub or going for a favourite movie together. There is a lot of fun things or even a business plan, that can happen, if you find someone like you.

Where Can You Connect With Other Parents?


You can meet parents, when you are taking your child out for play to the park. See which kids your child likes to play with or interacts.

Doctor’s Clinic:

You can connect with parents, while waiting at the doctor’s clinic. You can start with your experience with the doctor or common ailment like if both of you are visiting for the same vaccination or cough and cold during seasonal changes.

Social media groups:

Online parent or mom groups are also a good place for meeting parents in and around your area. You can start connecting and set meet ups.


This is also a good place, if your kids are going to the same preschool or day care. You can probably meet a lot of parents during the annual day or PTMs.  

Kid’s events:

You can meet other parents, while attending a kids’ event or a carnival or a Mom’s meet.

How To Strike A Conversation?


Introduce yourself and ask for an introduction too. Make a friendly conversation about where they stay, etc. Do not be too inquisitive in the first interaction to avoid giving the wrong idea.

Discuss a common interest:

Once, both of you get to know each other well, you can talk about what you do, what problems you might have faced or are facing, how are your kids doing, about their health, school, etc.

Ask for solutions:

You can also strike a conversation where you might want to ask for help like a contact number or recommendations for a good school, etc.

Keep a check on the wrong side:

Do not pass judgements or start giving too many advices in the first interaction. Do not make them feel that you are encroaching into their space or trying to deliberately talk to them. Check if they are willing to take the conversation forward.

Be careful what you disclose:

Do not disclose too much of your personal information until and unless you have met them quite a few times and is comfortable with them. You know best when to share what information.

Connecting and networking with the right people is always good for you socially and personally. And, when moms connect with other moms, it is more than a an acquaintance, it is like a friendship. There are a few such relationships, which go on to become close friends, through their experiences and sharing. Know the right people to connect with and you may find some good friends in the process.