Your Child Doesn’t Want A Perfect Mom, Just A Good One

As the Egyptian proverb goes, ‘a beautiful thing is never perfect’. And, what better example of this other than the relationship between a mother and a child. It is the most beautiful and most precious thing in the whole world, but surprisingly it is not ‘perfect’ and nobody wants it to be. Because, there is nothing called a perfect emotion or a perfect feeling. A relationship is beautiful because of its ups and downs.

Similarly, a mother-child relationship can have different shades at different times. A mother and a child might not be perfect in reality, but they are always ‘perfect’ in each others eyes. As a mother, you always want what is best for your child, but in doing so, you need not become a perfect mother. Because, when you try hard to be the best, you lose out on those special moments, which will never come back.

Some Important Tips For Just Being ‘Good’, Rather Than Being ‘Perfect’:

1. Be Yourself, Don’t Imitate Others:

    The best thing about being a mom is that you will never be judged by your baby. So, be yourself and do not try to do what others are doing. You are different and so is your baby, so what is good for others might not the right thing for you. So, just follow your instincts and you will do the ‘best’ thing for your baby.

2. Enjoy Your Special Moments With Your Baby:

    Do not push yourself in doing things that you are not used to do. Rather, enjoy those memorable moments with your child. Have a talk with them, click pictures, make videos and cherish every moment. No one can take your place, so spend quality time with your baby in your own way. You will develop a special relationship with your things when you do things together, which you both enjoy.

3. Take Time For Yourself:

    Ensure you have some ME time for you because the more happy and satisfied you are with yourself and your life; your mind will reflect the same on your relationships. So, take care of your body and soul; you will be able to bring out the best in you.

4. Don’t Try To Do Everything What Others Say:

    Advice from others will be part and parcel of life, when you become a mother. But, do not stress yourself and try to do everything what other are saying. They might tell you that this is the ‘perfect’ way, but it might not be the thing for you.

5. Live Your Dreams Too:

Do not forget your dreams while becoming a mother. Your child will take you as an example to show life skills and conviction in things you believe in. Your self-confidence and motivation is a big thing for your child, so don’t want or wait for everything ‘perfect’, rather just live the moment and let your child live theirs too.

Life is too short, so stop wasting it, trying to be the perfect mom. Your baby will look up to you for different things in life, so set an example for them to follow. You need not be on the top, but you can teach a lot through the road you took, the learnings from your journey and by being who you really are.