Your Pregnancy Journal: Preserving Memories And More

Most of your friends and family members would talk about preserving the memories as your baby comes into the world but have you ever imagined how wonderful it would be to journal your pregnancy and read about it twenty years later when you send your child to college miles away from home? It would be like revisiting the best of times and the worst of times that you have witnessed. Maintaining a journal in pregnancy is not only about the memories but also about your present fears and anticipation that you can vent through words in your own private space without needing to be careful about hurting anyone.

Let Us Find Out More Reasons Why You Should Be Journaling Your Pregnancy Today:

  • Admitting Your Fears

There comes a time in life when you might feel so vulnerable that speaking to your nearest ones about yourself will not help. You will need to speak to yourself and what better way to do it than write about it in your journal? Pregnancy is riddled with fears of its own kind; anticipation of what the future holds, how you will cope with a newborn, how your relationships will change, how you will change as an individual. Writing about these fears everyday will help to release the emotional build-up and also relieve you to a great extent. Writing is always a cathartic experience.

  • How Your Baby Bump Grows

With every passing month, you will notice changes in your body and your baby bump will keep growing along with the baby inside. Writing about the changes every month will help to keep a beautiful record of the steps you have gone through in pregnancy. Like fitting into normal clothes at Week 10 to getting maternity denims at Week 20 because you are really starting to show up, will fill you with warm, fuzzy feelings later in life.

  • How Your Body Changes

Whether you love the way your body grows or detest it, writing about it every couple of days helps avoid the emotional upheaval that your spouse might have to face in the middle of the night. You might as well write like, “Are these my breasts? They look like melons about to crack open!” or “These stretch marks1 are anything but a tiger’s stripes. Stop trying to make me feel good about them” or happy feelings like, “He kicked today! The reflux is so worth it”. As soon as you admit the way you feel about a variety of things that happen in pregnancy, it would get easier to survive the not-so-good experiences.

  • Writing To Your Child

You might also want to write letters to your unborn child in your journal. Later, when he/she grows up, you can hand these over to him/her so that your experiences are not limited to you alone. You might want to keep a record of the day you felt the first flutters, the day she kicked you so hard, you felt your rib might break etc. You could also write about how your love grows by leaps and bounds with each passing day for the baby inside you and how you wish he/she comes home soon.

A pregnancy journal is a precious gift to you from you and something that your child will cherish if you plan to hand it down in future. So start writing today!