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How Can You Travel Safely In Pregnancy?

It is mostly safe to travel up to 36 weeks of pregnancy but it is important to know and understand that you should be taking appropriate measures while travelling so that it is in no way harmful for yourself or your baby. It is quintessential to consult your doctor before travelling so that he/she can check you and give you a green signal accordingly. Here are some safe ways of travelling through pregnancy and ensuring that all goes well with the pregnancy:

  1. Buying travel insurance beforehand is a very wise idea because pregnancy is unpredictable and if you do need to cancel the journey; your money will not be wasted.
  2. Always carry your medical records and ultrasound copies so that if there is any need for a medical evaluation, your attending doctor will have an idea about your existing health conditions.
  3. Get yourself thoroughly checked by your doctor before travelling and let him decide if you are really fit to travel.
  4. Whether you travel by road, air or car, ensure that you get up and walk around a bit at regular intervals to avoid swollen legs, varicose veins and blood clots1 

Traveling By Air

Most airline companies allow women to travel till 36 weeks of pregnancy but they need to carry a ‘Fit to fly ‘certificate after 28 weeks. If you are not carrying a letter of permission from your doctor and if your pregnancy looks well advanced, they may disallow you from boarding the flight because of safety issues that might occur in case of emergency landings and other unforeseen circumstances.

While travelling by air, ensure that you carry small and healthy snacks for yourself so that you are not affected by air sickness. Have plenty of fluids because air travelling can be dehydrating. Always ask for a seat with more leg space so that your legs are not cramped for long. Do take short breaks and get up to move around if you feel uncomfortable. Inform the cabin crew immediately if you have strong and regular contractions.

Traveling By Car

It is advisable to always wear both the lap and seat belts so that you are well-protected. While driving, please take short breaks and walk around to avoid blood clots or worsen varicose veins. Your prenatal exercise classes will have covered calf exercises that you must do in order to keep nagging aches at bay.

Travelling To Exotic Destinations

While it is not forbidden that you travel to exotic places like private beaches and islands, jungle safaris etc, it is advisable that you do not plan these trips in your third trimester. Whenever you are travelling, ensure that you are vaccinated against potential diseases that could harm your growing fetus. Always get yourself checked by the doctor to determine if you are fit enough to travel to far off places. Drink bottled water whenever in doubt and avoid fish, dairy, eggs and meat that have not been sourced from reliable places.

Staying safe while travelling is not a choice but a necessity when you are pregnant!


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Things To Remember While Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Clothes

When your baby is born, you need to take special care of each and everything related to them. They are very delicate, and prone to allergies and infections. So, taking care of baby clothes is a big task for a mother. These clothes are in direct contact with your baby’s soft skin, and hence special care needs to be taken that they are not irritable or uncomfortable for the baby. You were very careful in choosing the right clothes for your baby. And, you need to be equally cautious, while washing and storing your baby’s clothes too.

The hygiene factor is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to managing your baby’s clothes. Properly maintained baby clothes make the baby comfortable and healthy. So, you need to be careful about how you wash them, store them and use them.

Some Of The Important Things To Remember, While Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Clothes Are As Follows:

  • Try not to wash your baby’s clothes with other people’s clothes. Your baby’s clothes need better care and cleaning, and it is better not to mix them with other clothes till at least about a year or the first six months.
  • Use a baby detergent for washing your baby’s clothes. These are specially formulated detergents, which are not as harsh as normal detergents on the clothes. Baby clothes are soft and hence they need special detergents too. Try to use a fabric softener, so that the clothes are not itchy or hard on your baby’s tender skin. You need to check if a particular brand is better than the other for your baby.
  • Try to get a detergent, which does NOT have a strong smell, because this can irritate the baby as they are not yet familiar with such strong fragrance. You can ask your doctor for a particular brand or take recommendations from other mothers.
  • Make sure all the detergent is washed out properly from the baby clothes. If any residue is left, it can be harmful for the baby’s skin. Also, dry all baby clothes in the sun. This helps to disinfect by removing all the germs and bacteria and dampness.
  • Make sure you soak your baby’s clothes in lukewarm water for some time before washing. This helps to remove the stains easily, and also kills germs.
  • Baby clothes will have difficult stains like milk, poop, etc. Make sure you wash these clothes separately in warm water and the stains the gets removed completely after washing. You might have to wash nappies, etc. for more than once in the initial stages.
  • Finally, make sure you store your baby’s clothes in clean and dry places, away from dirt and insects. Properly storing baby clothes also helps to ensure that they can be used for a longer time and they are clean for the next use.

When babies are small, there will be a lot of different types of clothes like nappies, towels, etc., which you will use several times in a day. So, keep proper stock so that you do not run out of necessary things, when required. Make sure regularly used and stained clothes are washed and dried thoroughly, so that your baby can feel comfortable and cozy in them.


5 Unique Party Games For Girls

Any party is incomplete without games. Games make the party environment more lively and engaging. Games are not for competition or prizes, party games are more about breaking the ice and having fun, the gifts are just a bonus. Generally, party games are chosen according to the age group, theme of the party, and resource availability. Now-a-days, even a small pajama party is unthinkable without appropriate games.

Whether it is a birthday party or a fun get together, games are a great way to engage and entertain the guests. And, if it’s an all girls’ party, then there are no two ways about it that there has to be loads of party games. Party games can be arranged by you or you can also consult your event planner regarding the same. They usually have a wide range of party games for different types of parties.

Take a look at these 5 unique party games for girls, which will surely help to enhance their party mood.

Dress Up:

Girls just love to dress up and you can twist this into a party game. Arrange for sets of dresses and accessories and makes groups of two girls. Then, you can ask them to dress up each other instead of themselves. The team, who does it properly within the shortest time is the winner.

Treasure Hunt:

You an arrange for a treasure hunt of jewelry items or names beads, which they have to find and string them to form their names. They can also have it as a takeaway from the party.

Chinese Whisper:

This classic game is always fun to play. Make them sit in a circle and let one member start by whispering something (may be related to the party) to the next member. The game carries on like this till the last member tells everyone what she heard. It’s funny and surprising how the words will have changed through the game.

Truth or Dare:

Again, this old classic game is appropriate for any age group. So in the bottle and ask ‘truth or dare’. This is more like an activity based game, and involves everybody, so it is more fun. But, make sure that the little girls are not taking the rules too far.

Drama Bag:

This is one more game, where you need a few accessories. You can divide the group into teams and give each a drama bag, which contains a few different things. Then, you can ask each team to prepare a small skit, song or ad using those and present it in front of everybody. This is fun, creative and involves a lot of planning and teamwork.

Party games need to be simple and easy to understand for everybody. They should not be planned with an intention of rigorous competition. Rather, it is to instill a fun-filled environment and make the party exciting. It is not always mandatory to keep prizes for the winners, but small tokens of appreciation can be given away. The host needs to be friendly and should explain the game properly before it starts. So, if you are planning a party for your little princess, then don’t forget to plan for the apt party games too.


5 Ways To Teach Manners To Your Toddler

Mothers know best on how to tackle their children. However, some ages are probably too difficult to handle. Being the mother of a toddler, I can understand how difficult it is to tame these cute, little, mischievous bundles of joy. They are so active, joyful and full of energy that you really need to be on your toes to handle them. They are busy exploring new things, understanding new emotions and making new friends, so you have to almost become a kid like them to manage them.

Teaching good manners to your toddler can be a tedious task. But, the sooner you start, the better it is for their emotional growth and development. Once, they are out into good habits, they stay with them for the rest of their lives. It is also easy to learn, unlearn and re-learn at this stage, so make the most of this tender age to install good habits and manners.

5 Easy Ways To Teach Your Toddler About Good Manners Can Be:

Start With The Basics:

Start with very simple things like saying Thank You, Sorry, Welcome, or gestures of smiling, etc. Teach them in simple terms using stories, their favourite characters or rhyme videos. Teach them with something to which they can relate to. Later, you can move on to dining etiquettes, greeting guests, etc.

Talk About Consequences:

After you explain to them the importance of good manners, talk about the consequences if they fail to follow. Do not get aggressive or directly talk about punishments. Rather, mention simple things like their favourite doll will get angry, and so on. You might take help from other family members, in case required.

Be A Role Model:

If you want them to follow a good manner, first do it yourself. So, follow proper gestures, good table habits, and so on. Kids learn a lot from what they see their parents doing, so set a good example for them to follow.

Make A Reward Model:

Make an incentive model for them. Give them a good sticker if they exhibit something good, and as they accumulate a few, give them something in reward, However, make sure, this is only for the teaching period and should not be made into a habit. And, use simple things like a lollipop, or a cupcake, as in don’t get expensive gifts, etc. as they might miss the underlying point.

Use Role Play:

You can use role play to teach your toddler the difference between good and bad manners. Show them how they should react and behave with others in a particular situation. Then, later notice whether they apply their learning in a similar situation. If they do, applaud them; if they deviate, talk to them and discuss the reasons. This way they will learn faster in a proper way, and remember most of the things.

While teaching manners and making them follow it, you have to very, very patient. They will irritate you, or you can get stressed, but all you have to do is keep calm and keep trying. The more persistent you are, the more they start following the rules and guidelines. The feeling of achievement when your child exhibits a good manner is wonderful, so don’t lose hope and you will get to it, pretty soon.


5 Ways Dads Can Prepare Themselves For A New Baby

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience, and so is becoming a father. A woman goes through a lot during those nine months of pregnancy, but a man is also her biggest support and companion, and very much involved in the process. Like a new mother, a would-be father also has a lot of responsibilities, apprehension and thus needs to prepare himself for the newborn baby.

A baby is as precious to a father as the mother, so he also has his own plans and ideas on how to welcome the little bundle of joy and care for them. So, never discourage a man from doing whatever he feels like for his new born baby. He also goes through a lot of emotions, and feels appreciated when they are acknowledged. So, as a pregnant wife or a family, you should always help a would-be father to prepare for fatherhood, as he is supporting you to prepare for motherhood.

5 Ways In Which Dads Can Prepare For A New Born Baby Can Be:

Knowing Things Throughout The Pregnancy:

It is important to know the nuances throughout your wife’s pregnancy, when you get to know a lot about the baby during doctor’s visits. This way you can support your wife as well as know about baby care and related things.

Talking And Singing To Your Baby In The Womb:

A mother starts communicating with her baby, when he/she in the womb itself. This is a unique bond, which is very special. Similarly, you can also sing and talk to your baby. Babies can listen to your voice and relate to it when they are born. This is a beautiful way to connect with your child, even before he/she is born.

Preparing For The Welcoming The Baby Home:

Preparations for welcoming the baby home like baby proofing, decorating the room, stacking necessary stuff etc. can be a good way to prepare yourself for the new member. This way you will also be able to help and support your wife as she will have a lot to handle when the baby comes home.

Staying Informed About Important Things:

Knowing the basic things about baby care is also a great way to prepare yourself and help your wife later. So, you can either read books on baby care, highlighting different aspects or take pre-delivery classes, which tells you about different ways you can connect with your baby. This is helpful in handling the baby, but also in handling the physical and emotional changes that your wife goes through.

Talk And Discuss About Your Feelings:

Your feelings, aspirations, insecurities, etc. are equally important as they directly affect your baby. So, do not shy away from talking or discussing about these with your spouse or other family members. You can also discuss about your fears or emotional turmoil and get it sorted before the little bundle of joy comes into your life.

The more a dad is involved in the process of welcoming a new baby, the more he will be able to involve himself and help you, when the baby is actually there. This also helps the father to strengthen the bond with the baby and understand his responsibilities too.


5 Important Things No To Forget In Your Maternity Shopping

When you get to know about your pregnancy, that is probably the most precious moment for you. You prepare yourself for welcoming a bundle of joy in your life, and you get ready both physically and emotionally to embrace your pregnancy. Sometimes, the initial happiness gets overshadowed by anxiety, worry and fear of coping up with a pregnancy. However, every woman undergoes this natural process and motherhood is a blessing for them.

Apart from the preparing yourself for pregnancy and motherhood, both from the inside and outside. One of the main things is keeping your maternity checklist handy, and getting the necessary things for yourself. Much before you decide what stuff to get for the baby or list things for your hospital bag, you need to get things, which are a must-have for you during your pregnancy.

5 Must-Have Things For You That You Need During Your Pregnancy Are:

Maternity Dresses:

Comfortable maternity dresses, stretchable pants, waistband extenders, etc. are a must buy once you know that you are pregnant. Your belly will grow, and you definitely need comfortable and breathable clothes to give you warmth and coziness. Loose fitting tees and long dresses are also a must have during pregnancy. Also, get necessary accessories when you are moving out of your house like proper shoes, in which you are less likely to fall or slip, etc.

Pregnancy Books:

Yeah, this is something, which all of you might not be interested in, but you cannot ignore that we tend to research and read a lot during our pregnancy. We are curious about each and everything. So, keep reading from books or over the Internet to gather information. However, do not get stressed about everything you read, but ask for expert help if you are confused.

Body Pillows:

Your body changes a lot during pregnancy, so you might start feeling un-comfortable in sleeping or sitting or you need to change your postures. Since, your body gets heavy; you will need all the support you want. Moreover, you tend to get tired and exhausted. So, keep a body pillow handy, which makes sleeping or sitting comfortable for you.

Body Care Stuff:

During pregnancy, your skin tends to get dry and rough, sometimes your mouth dried up and there a many more changes that can happen, and which varies from woman to woman. So, you need to get stock of lotions, creams, oils or dental care stuff or other things, which takes care of these problems. Take proper medical help and advice before using any of the things during pregnancy.

Comfortable Innerwear:

Finally, this is one of the most important things. Get yourself comfortable bras, panties and night wear, which are specially and specifically designed for pregnancy. Your breast size will be on the rise, so get bigger cup sizes. Use clean and comfy under garments of fabric, which is not irritable to the skin.

Apart from the necessary stuff, buy things you like or things that makes you happy. Because, it is very important to keep your body and mind happy during pregnancy, so that you are able to enjoy the phase. So, get yourself a book, or download your favourite music, get kids photos for decoration, or whatever, that makes you happy. You can also plan to make your own journal or scrapbook to write about your memories or post pictures, like a personal account of your pregnancy. However, do not buy too many things because you might hardly use them later, and might have to discard as you will need all the room for your baby’s stuff now.



5 Foods That You Should Avoid Giving Your Child

As a mother, you are always concerned about your child’s eating habits. The most important being whether they are eating properly or if they are getting the full nutrition, are always your major concerns. You also keep thinking whether you are making the right dishes for them or not. Most of us, try to give our children nutritious and healthy choice of home-made food, but sometimes we also give them certain unhealthy food too, consciously or unconsciously.

Sometimes, due to lack of time, many working moms might prefer pre-cooked food, but not all of them are good for your child. Sometimes, we are not even aware of certain food, which might be harmful for our kids, if used for a prolonged period of time. There are certain food items that should be avoided according to the age of your child too like soya milk and honey for infants in their first year.Though, these have beneficial effects, and they should be avoided due to infection at the early years.

5 Types Of Foods That You Should Avoid For Your Child At Any Time Should Be:

Packaged Food, Especially Non-Vegetarian: 

Packaged and processed food always have fewer nutrients as they have already lost their nutritional values during the packaging process. And, there are high chances of staleness in such foods. There also risk of infection in such packaged meats and other non-vegetarian items. Though, they are easy to make and we get addicted to them, they should best be avoided for children in their growing and developing phase of life.

Kid’s Meals:

Now-a-days, there are many food joints or chains, which offer specialized kid’s menu, which they claim to customize for a kid. They are the same things that they offer for adults and may be more of fried options, which kids prefer. So, do not be fooled by the packaging or other things, rather you order something for your kid from the ala-carte menu.

Aerated Drinks:

This is probably something, which most kids like, but the most harmful thing for them. So, avoid such drinks as much as possible. These soda based drinks can cause obesity and other health problems at a later stage in life. Try to give them alternatives like fresh juices, lemonades, etc.

Fried Fast Food:

This should be avoided at any cost. These are the most unhealthy food options that we can give to our children. They tend to get addicted to it and deny eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Try alternative of these foods or carry their innovative meal when you go out. Once in a while is fine, but do not make it a habit for them, which might be difficult to give up.

Canned Juices:

Like aerated drinks, canned juices should also be avoided as much as you can. Always try to give fresh juices because these canned ones might contain added sugar and preservatives to enhance their taste.

Many of these outside foods might seem to be delicious and appealing to their developing taste buds, but they do have harmful effects later. So, you might consider preparing an alternative of such foods, which is equally palatable to your child, yet provides them the nourishment and are nutritious. You also need to identify which foods might cause allergy and avoid those and any preparations out of them, completely.


5 Fanciful Ideas For Your Child’s First Birthday Party

The first birthday of their child is always a special affair for parents. Though, their kid is really young to understand the importance of the whole occasion, yet it holds a special place for his/her parents, family and relatives. Many of us like to celebrate our child’s first birthday in a simple manner with not too much of a pomp and pleasure, however many would like to have a grand celebration with themes, accessories and lavish decor.

If you have already decided that you are going to throw a gala party for your kid’s first birthday, then you will need to plan everything well in time so that you can have a party to your heart’s content. Finalizing the theme, guest list, decor, venue, return gifts is some of the most important things that top the checklist.

The theme is a very important thing for any party, especially the first birthday. Almost, everything else depends on it. If you are looking for fun and fanciful ideas for the first birthday party, here are some to ponder on.

Princess Theme:

If you have a cute little girl, then this is the most popular and apt theme. You can surely have fancy and royal party ‘look and feel’ with the proper decor and arrangements. Right from the invitations to decor and cakes looks cute and adorable. Party favours can also be customized according to the theme. And, of course your little darling will look the prettiest in her princess dress, if you decide to get one for her.

Nursery Rhymes Theme:

This is surely a fancy theme and suits both boys and girls. Everybody likes nursery rhymes and can associate with the characters. So, you can choose 2 or 3 different rhymes or select one single rhyme for the decor like Old McDonald’s Farm or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It is easy to get party decor and cakes or cupcakes can also be customized easily. You can even think of fun games related to rhymes and play rhymes as background music. You can give customized goodies or nursery rhymes colouring books as return gifts. You can also arrange for a fancy dress competition.

Cars Theme:

This is a popular theme among boys. You can select the cartoon themed decor or you can mix and match with other transport types like planes, ships, etc. The decor, cakes, and return gifts are easy to get or customize. You can arrange for a screening of the cartoon or even fun games with cars.

Animal Of Jungle Theme:

Little children really like animals and pets. So, they can identify animals with sounds, where they live or other ways. So, an animal or jungle theme will be fun. You can ask them to dress like animals. The decor can be made fun and exciting. Party games will probably be the best part to arrange and see those kids enjoy.

Music And Dance Theme:

Everybody loves to shake a leg at a party, especially kids. So, what better way to let them enjoy with a music and dance theme. The decor can be made with musical instruments cut-out and lights, etc. You can simply play some nice music for the kids and let them dance and enjoy the party. For return gifts, you can get theme-based calendars or musical instrument shapes party favours.

If there is any particular character or cartoon, your kid already likes, you can probably go with that theme, or choose something, that all the kids can relate to. You can also consider decoration feasibility and availability while deciding. You can also go with themes like Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, etc., that are easy to implement. You can either make your own arrangements if the things are easily available or hire an event planner for the event.



5 Strategies You Can Adopt To End Mealtime Battles With Your Toddler

Have you ever met a mother who has been able to successfully feed her toddler? Well, if you have, then you must have noticed the pleasures of victory on their faces, just like after winning a battle. This is an age old battle (of course, not those bloody ones), between a mother and child (especially, toddler), and probably no one has still been able to conquer it, without a fight.

Feeding your toddler, and that too healthy fruits and vegetables, is like a mammoth task. Mothers try so many different things, but yet many of us are not satisfied with the eating habits of our toddler. They scream and yell, throw food, run around, throw tantrums and what not. However, a mother has to be persistent to make he toddler eat the right proportions of food so that he/she gets the proper nutrition for their growth and development.

However, you can adopt a few of the 5 strategies mentioned below to end your mealtime battles with your toddler.

Show Who Is In Control:

You need to not get angry or frustrated and scream at them. Rather tell them that you are not going to nag or run after them to finish their food. Rather, you will give them, what others are eating and it is up to them to finish their food. Tell them why these foods are important for them and what can happen if they don’t  eat their veggies. Explain to them in their simple language or through stories and cartoons.

Involve Them In Their Food Preparation:

When you involve your child in preparing their meals in simple ways, they feel important and like to eat what they have made. So, you can start by letting them spread the butter or mix chocolate in the milk and so on. It makes them feel responsible and they feel good about it.

Do Not Force Them:

Never force your child to complete the entire thing on their plate. Though, you want to give them the maximum nutrition, but getting aggressive with them only makes them more stubborn and arrogant. So, give them smaller portions and let them finish their bite before you give more. Give a break in between, so that they can digest the earlier one.

Keep Only Healthy Options:

If you want your child to eat healthy, keep only healthy options. This way they can have a variety, but only with nutritious food. Make healthy food, fun and exciting, so that even if they choose one over the other, all they eat is healthy food.

Try To Find Out What They Want:

To come to a compatible consensus, try to find out what food they like to have. This way you can also make a healthier version of the food. Gradually, they will start liking it more and you will have a peaceful time, feeding your baby.

A mother will never be satisfied with what her child is eating, but you have to understand their temperament too. Initially, they will resist you, but gradually when they start understanding the importance of healthy food, they will oblige. So, all you need to a lot of patience with your toddler and an effort to make mealtime fun and exciting for them.




5 Reasons To Believe That You Need To Put Your Child On A Diet

Your child’s food habits and diet are one of your biggest responsibilities, and his/her growth depends on how much proper nutrition he/she is getting from the food they eat. Many a times, we have seen mothers are concerned about their child’s eating habit because either they might not be growing or gaining weight properly or gaining excessive weight due to improper diet.

Not every child is the same, so their diet is also different. So, what suits one child might not be right for another. Moreover, your child might need a change in diet with growing age. So, if you feel that there are certain changes in your child, which calls for a change in his/her diet, don’t hesitate to do so. However, it might be a good idea to consult a dietician or the doctor for the right diet chart.

5 Common Reasons To Believe That You Should Put Your Child On A Diet Are As Follows:

You See Signs Of Obesity.

Obesity is one of the growing epidemic in the modern world, especially among children. So, if you feel that your child is gaining excessive weight and that too rapidly, then you might consider putting him/her on a diet. Because, if proper care if not taken at this stage, it might lead to other life-threatening health complications in the future.

Your Child Gets Excessively Tired Or Lazy.

If you see that your child gets tired all the time or not able to actively participate in physical activities. Or, if he/she is lazy in doing work, then they might not be getting the right amount of energy due to lack of proper nutrition. In this case too, you need to change the diet to ensure proper intake of necessary nutrients.

Your Child Is Addicted To Junk Food.

If your child is addicted to junk food and prefers it over a normal diet of healthy food, then you need to change his/her diet to include more of fruits and vegetables, which provide important vitamins, etc. Junk food also leads to obesity and other health problems. So, to keep your child away from junk food, you need to put them on a diet.

Your Child Is Not Eating Properly.

You might want to put your child on a diet, if he/she is not eating properly. This might mean that your child might not be liking the food he/she is having, so you want to make a balanced diet for them, which had all the necessary ingredients in the right proportions. So, putting your child on a diet might be a motivating factor for them to eat properly.

You Notice Changes In Health Tests.

Regular health checkups are very important for children. So, if you notice any irregularity in these tests of your child, then you should consult the doctor for advice to change your child’s diet for the better.

As mentioned earlier, do not follow the same diet that others are following. If you really need to out your child on diet, consult an expert. This is because every child’s physical nutrition requirements are different and a proper diet needs to be formulated according to that. Young children need a fulfilling diet for their sustained growth in their developing years, so make sure that if you are not overfeeding them, you are also not underfeeding too.