4 Best Exercises To Do While You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy brings along with it a number of aches and pains that could make life quite uncomfortable. Have you been told that maintaining an active lifestyle and exercising moderately throughout pregnancy can help you manage these pains and also avoid gaining more weight that you should? Whoever told you that is absolutely correct. If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, exercising moderately for 30 minutes a day can help prepare your body for birth by enhancing endurance, keeping disorders like Gestational Diabetes, preeclampsia at bay, and helping you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape soon after birth. Issues like varicose veins, backaches and swollen feet and legs can also be taken care of by yoga.

Here Is A List Of Exercises That Research Suggests Could Do Wonders For You:


Walking is the easiest form of cardiovascular exercise to keep yourself active during pregnancy. Walk at a pace that your body allows and take short breaks in between if you plan to go on long walks. Remember to carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and wear good walking shoes to avoid any kind of pain.

2. Swimming:

Along with keeping you fit and healthy, swimming has been touted as the safest form of exercise across all age groups and even in pregnancy. It can also help you feel relaxed because you feel weightless even when you are carrying around so much of weight.

3. Prenatal Exercises:

These include stretching, posture correction exercises, back strengthening exercises and breathing exercises. If your hospital has a prenatal department, they will suggest you to join as per your convenience. You could also book appointments at home with a personal trainer who specialises in prenatal classes. These help you to maintain proper posture throughout pregnancy so that you can prevent lower backaches and your body is well prepared for labour with paced breathing exercises.

4. Yoga:

There is no doubt that yoga does wonders to your body, whether pregnant or not. In pregnancy, there is often the fear of hurting yourself or your relaxed ligaments while undergoing any form of exercise so the best way would be to practice yoga under the advice of a trained professional. Yoga relaxes stiff joints and muscles, eases sore backs, teaches you proper posture and also helps you be more flexible. If you have been feeling like a couch potato lately, you could consider joining yoga classes.

5. Kegels:

Have you ever wondered how your pelvis would need to stretch to unbelievable proportions to accommodate your baby during birth? Even during pregnancy, your pelvic floor is exploited to an extreme and incontinence is one of the major problems women face in the latter half of pregnancy and after delivery. Kegels1 are pelvic floor strengthening exercises that will not only help in labour but also help to prevent that embarrassing urine leakage your best friend keeps sulking about since her delivery. Contracting your pelvic muscles for short period of time, three to four times a day can be extremely beneficial in and after pregnancy. You can do it whenever you want to and don’t require any special equipment for it.


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