5 Developmental Toys You Can Carry When You Travel

Travelling with a child, especially a toddler can be a tough job, if you cannot keep them engaged with something, mostly during the flight time. If they do not have anything to do, they will try to roam around or make it difficult for you and others. They also tend to get bored, if the journey is long and tiring. So, you need to keep them occupied and entertained with something or the other. And, what better option than taking along his/her favourite toys.

However, you possibly cannot carry all the toy, or things, which are big or makes a lot of sound. So, you need to choose wisely, what toys or gadgets, you can safely carry on the flight, to keep your energetic little one entertained.

5 Toys That You Need To Carry Along For Your Child While You Travel Can Be:

Magic Marker/Doodle Bag:

A magic board with magic markers can be a good thing to carry. Kids can make pictures, or scribble anything on it, erase and do again. So, it keeps them engaged in an activity, which also helps to cultivate their imagination or creativity. A Doodle Bag is also a similar concept, where the Aqua doodle pen can be filled with water to make drawings on the magic mat, which fades away as it dries, so that it can be used again.

Learning Pad:

Learning pads can be a great way to keep your child engaged. It is their own gadget and they can learn a lot from them. These are like mini laptops or iPad, with a lot of exciting features for the kid to play and learn. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

Puzzle Book/Game:

Puzzles can be a great way to keep kids engaged. It can be putting pieces together or solving picture riddles and puzzles on paper. This is something very interesting, and you can enjoy it along with your child. Take a game or a puzzle book, according to the age of your child.

Rubik Cube:

This is probably the easiest thing to carry yet the most interesting one.  Choose a Rubik cube according to your child’s age. This is a great way to keep building their focus and concentration, and of course giving them a challenge like this can keep them occupied for long.

Word Game:

This is a good way to keep toddlers engaged, and they also have something to learn. You can carry some word games with pictures, and they will definitely like it. You can also play or engage yourself in these games to make your kid learn something new and exciting.

Though, toys are a good option to keep your kids engaged in the flight, but make sure you are not disturbing others with un-necessary noise or disturbance. It is better to choose toys, which also helps them to learn something, or something they enjoy as hobbies.

You need to acclimatize your child to the toy before you travel, so that he/she already knows how to use it. Choose the ones, which are compact and easy to carry, and doesn’t take away too much space. Remember to check the batteries, if required before you travel. Kids will enjoy these toys, and you can, probably, enjoy the journey too, without stress.