5 Effective Ways To Teach Your Child About Sharing

In a time, when we are too busy in the rat race of life, we forget to share and care. Yet, we expect our children to share toys or books with others in the first instance. Children take time to understand and implement the concept of sharing. Some kids do it casually, while others don’t. But, that doesn’t mean that the child is rude or will never share in the future. Such, kids need to be groomed and taught the importance and rules of sharing.

There is a time, when kids start to understand about sharing, and that is not before 2 and a half to three years. Experts say that toddlers are mostly in a mode of parallel play that is they play along with other children, and not with them. So, you can imagine that when someone else comes and take his/her toy, then he/she feels threatened. They fear that the other kid might take it away or they might lose it forever. So, gradually, you need to inculcate the habit of sharing in them.

5 Effective Ways To Teach Your Child About Sharing Are As Follows:

Play games:

It is easy to teach kids about sharing if you can add a fun element to it. Start with things like puzzles, where both of you need to be involved to finish the task. Share responsibilities in their project, or take their help in sharing your work. This way they learn to do things in the company of others, and gradually learn to share too.

Do It Yourself:

When you tell your kids to share, you need to set an example of the same as well. Tell them about show sharing has helped in life. Show them with examples, where you have shared or someone else have shared something with you.

Show Them The Positives:

Talk about the positives of sharing. Read stories, or play games, where sharing is highlighted. Talk about how sharing helps in making friends, becoming a good person, or how others will also share if they share. However, also talk about when it is not right to share or how some things cannot and should not be shared.

Check For Reasons:

If you find that your kid is not sharing something with somebody, and then try to find out the reason. It might happen that there is a specific reason behind this behavior, and you need to find it out. It will help you to resolve conflicts. For example, your kid might have shared and the person had deliberately damaged it, so your child is reluctant to share anything again.

Make A Solution:

You can let your child decide what to share and what not to share. Teach them ways to deny politely, if they are not willing to share something. Or, tell them to separate things and play with those which they can share, while others are around.

It is not a good idea to scold or demean your child, if he/she is not sharing a toy or a book with others. This might make them more arrogant and stubborn. Rather, you need to talk about it or make them understand through games or stories, why sharing is important, and what they might be losing by not sharing their things like maybe a good friend, or their reputation, etc. It might take time for some kids to understand, but if you patiently try, they will surely learn this good trait.