5 Fanciful Ideas For Your Child’s First Birthday Party

The first birthday of their child is always a special affair for parents. Though, their kid is really young to understand the importance of the whole occasion, yet it holds a special place for his/her parents, family and relatives. Many of us like to celebrate our child’s first birthday in a simple manner with not too much of a pomp and pleasure, however many would like to have a grand celebration with themes, accessories and lavish decor.

If you have already decided that you are going to throw a gala party for your kid’s first birthday, then you will need to plan everything well in time so that you can have a party to your heart’s content. Finalizing the theme, guest list, decor, venue, return gifts is some of the most important things that top the checklist.

The theme is a very important thing for any party, especially the first birthday. Almost, everything else depends on it. If you are looking for fun and fanciful ideas for the first birthday party, here are some to ponder on.

Princess Theme:

If you have a cute little girl, then this is the most popular and apt theme. You can surely have fancy and royal party ‘look and feel’ with the proper decor and arrangements. Right from the invitations to decor and cakes looks cute and adorable. Party favours can also be customized according to the theme. And, of course your little darling will look the prettiest in her princess dress, if you decide to get one for her.

Nursery Rhymes Theme:

This is surely a fancy theme and suits both boys and girls. Everybody likes nursery rhymes and can associate with the characters. So, you can choose 2 or 3 different rhymes or select one single rhyme for the decor like Old McDonald’s Farm or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It is easy to get party decor and cakes or cupcakes can also be customized easily. You can even think of fun games related to rhymes and play rhymes as background music. You can give customized goodies or nursery rhymes colouring books as return gifts. You can also arrange for a fancy dress competition.

Cars Theme:

This is a popular theme among boys. You can select the cartoon themed decor or you can mix and match with other transport types like planes, ships, etc. The decor, cakes, and return gifts are easy to get or customize. You can arrange for a screening of the cartoon or even fun games with cars.

Animal Of Jungle Theme:

Little children really like animals and pets. So, they can identify animals with sounds, where they live or other ways. So, an animal or jungle theme will be fun. You can ask them to dress like animals. The decor can be made fun and exciting. Party games will probably be the best part to arrange and see those kids enjoy.

Music And Dance Theme:

Everybody loves to shake a leg at a party, especially kids. So, what better way to let them enjoy with a music and dance theme. The decor can be made with musical instruments cut-out and lights, etc. You can simply play some nice music for the kids and let them dance and enjoy the party. For return gifts, you can get theme-based calendars or musical instrument shapes party favours.

If there is any particular character or cartoon, your kid already likes, you can probably go with that theme, or choose something, that all the kids can relate to. You can also consider decoration feasibility and availability while deciding. You can also go with themes like Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, etc., that are easy to implement. You can either make your own arrangements if the things are easily available or hire an event planner for the event.