5 Foods That You Should Avoid Giving Your Child

As a mother, you are always concerned about your child’s eating habits. The most important being whether they are eating properly or if they are getting the full nutrition, are always your major concerns. You also keep thinking whether you are making the right dishes for them or not. Most of us, try to give our children nutritious and healthy choice of home-made food, but sometimes we also give them certain unhealthy food too, consciously or unconsciously.

Sometimes, due to lack of time, many working moms might prefer pre-cooked food, but not all of them are good for your child. Sometimes, we are not even aware of certain food, which might be harmful for our kids, if used for a prolonged period of time. There are certain food items that should be avoided according to the age of your child too like soya milk and honey for infants in their first year.Though, these have beneficial effects, and they should be avoided due to infection at the early years.

5 Types Of Foods That You Should Avoid For Your Child At Any Time Should Be:

Packaged Food, Especially Non-Vegetarian: 

Packaged and processed food always have fewer nutrients as they have already lost their nutritional values during the packaging process. And, there are high chances of staleness in such foods. There also risk of infection in such packaged meats and other non-vegetarian items. Though, they are easy to make and we get addicted to them, they should best be avoided for children in their growing and developing phase of life.

Kid’s Meals:

Now-a-days, there are many food joints or chains, which offer specialized kid’s menu, which they claim to customize for a kid. They are the same things that they offer for adults and may be more of fried options, which kids prefer. So, do not be fooled by the packaging or other things, rather you order something for your kid from the ala-carte menu.

Aerated Drinks:

This is probably something, which most kids like, but the most harmful thing for them. So, avoid such drinks as much as possible. These soda based drinks can cause obesity and other health problems at a later stage in life. Try to give them alternatives like fresh juices, lemonades, etc.

Fried Fast Food:

This should be avoided at any cost. These are the most unhealthy food options that we can give to our children. They tend to get addicted to it and deny eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Try alternative of these foods or carry their innovative meal when you go out. Once in a while is fine, but do not make it a habit for them, which might be difficult to give up.

Canned Juices:

Like aerated drinks, canned juices should also be avoided as much as you can. Always try to give fresh juices because these canned ones might contain added sugar and preservatives to enhance their taste.

Many of these outside foods might seem to be delicious and appealing to their developing taste buds, but they do have harmful effects later. So, you might consider preparing an alternative of such foods, which is equally palatable to your child, yet provides them the nourishment and are nutritious. You also need to identify which foods might cause allergy and avoid those and any preparations out of them, completely.