5 Fun And Exciting Ideas For Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is a fun and interesting way to make expectant mothers enjoy their pregnancy and have some fun. Every pregnant woman waits for a baby shower, and friends and family come together to plan something special for this day. Baby shower can be a get-together of only ladies, or it can include the male members too. It is an event to make a pregnant woman feel special, and also usher load of blessings for the mother and baby in the womb.

Like any other event, a baby shower also needs a lot of planning and management. There is a lot to take care of like the theme, decoration, venue, food, return gifts and most importantly, games. Any party is incomplete without games. So, even baby showers have specific games, which fill the ambiance with fun and frolic. However, while planning for baby shower games, organizers need to take care there they can be easily and safely played by pregnant women, without any harm.

5 Simple Yet Fun Ideas For Baby Shower Games Can Be As Follows:

Play-Doh Baby:

This can be easily played by all pregnant women in the event. You can give them each a set of play-doh and they can create the cutest model of their baby and show how they will look like. This is fun because it brings out their imagination and when they actually look at what they have made, it can be hilarious too.

Feed The Daddy:

This can be played when daddies are present too. Either, pregnant woman or non-pregnant woman can also play. You need to blindfold the ladies, and make them feed their partners baby food. Well, it can turn out to be messier than you can think of.

Diaper Notes:

This is more like a graffiti game. You can give diapers to each guest and ask them to scribble a note on it. Don’t worry; the ink will not penetrate through the material. Keep all the diapers safe. Later, when your baby wears it, you can have a hearty laugh, looking at the messages.

Baby Shower Bingo:

This is a modified version of the bingo, and can be fun to play. Make the cards with baby, pregnancy or motherhood related things, and call out numbers in a funny way. Rest, you know the rules of Bingo. It can be fun to play the game with a difference.

Don’t Say Baby Yet:

Anybody and everybody can play this game. You can pin 4 or 5 clothespin to the dress of every guest with an instruction that, if they hear anyone else utter the word baby, they can take one pin from them. So, this involves each and everybody in the party. The person with the maximum number of pins in the end wins the game. Ain’t easy, guys!

There are different party planners, who can plan baby shower events and they also take care of the games, according to the number of guests and theme. However, if you are not hiring any event planner, you can also take care of the event and the games. Just get creative or browse through the Internet to find apt party games for the event, which can be played and enjoyed by all.