5 Popular Old Wives’ Tales Related To Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a woman goes through a lot of emotional changes. She starts believing a lot of things, which might be irrational or there is an anxiety within her about the well being of the baby. Sometimes, they become superstitious and start doing a lot of things, without a reason.

Old wives’ tales are stories about different things in pregnancy, popular beliefs and guidelines that has been coming down through the ages. These are more like stories, rather than being true or verified. Some of them can be scientifically explained, and some are completely irrational. Most of them are based on methods or ideologies of the past, which might not hold good today, or may be scientifically negated. However, we believe them as a part of our tradition or for the sake of your elders.

5 Popular Old Wives’ Tales Related To Pregnancy Are Listed Below:

Regarding Gender:

This is the most popular aspect about which most of the old wives’ tales are related to. The Ring test says that if the ring at the end of a string moves in circular motion, then it is a girl and if it moves sideways, then it is a boy. There are many more of these myths like if you are carrying high, then it is a girl and so on.

Food Cravings:

These are quite peculiar too, like if you crave ice-cream during pregnancy, then your body needs calcium. Or if you crave for orange juice, then a girl child will be born.  There are many more, so you should only eat whatever healthy diet has been prescribed by the doctor, according to your condition.

About Pets:

It is said that cats can suck the oxygen out of babies or they come and deliberately sit on babies. However, the real truth is a bit different. Yes, if you are pregnant, you should stay away from cats, which they contain a parasite, which can infect multiple organs of the fetus and can also cause respiratory problems. So, felines are considered to be a risk for pregnant woman.

Taking A Bath:

The old wives’ tale goes that if you take a bath, then you might drown your baby. This is absolutely false because the baby is itself covered and immersed in the amniotic fluid. Your taking bath is something external and cannot affect the baby;s condition inside. Rather, cleanliness and hygiene are very important during pregnancy and you should take proper care of your body.


It is said that if you experience a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, then your baby will be born with a lot of hair. Well, what’s the connection? Evert pregnant woman experiences heartburn during pregnancy due to the natural changes in the body. And, it has nothing to do with the amount of hair our baby will have.

These are just a few examples and there are many more, according to different countries, cultures and religions. We might choose to believe some, but do not get too carried away by them or check with your doctor if you are planning to eat or do something according to them. It is always better to check the facts scientifically and medically, rather than believing something, which was created a long time back.